62 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nor

NorSparkle or illumination.Boy
NoraleeA high or elevated lightBoy
NorbertThe northern part and cheerfulness.Boy
NorbertoThe popular man from the northern part.Boy
NorcrossThe person is from the crossroads from the northern part.Boy
NordmanThe person belongs from the northern areaBoy
NoreakseyGreat power.Boy
NorgalesThe one who is from the northern division from the land.Boy
NoriceA term used for caretakerBoy
NorinGreat, honourable, moral, decent.Boy
NoriogheneLook at God's judgmentUnisex
NorisHorse of the person who has come from the northern part.Boy
NoritakaCommandment and devoted virtue.Boy
NormThe procedure of doing somethingBoy
NormaWho hails from the northern regionBoy
NormanThe person who comes along from northern part.Boy
NormandThe one who came from northern cliff.Boy
NormannOne who is coming from the northern part of the nation.Boy
NormannusFrom the northern face.Boy
NormenComes from the North regionBoy
NormieThe person of the north.Boy
NormyThe mankind form the north side.Boy
NorrRemarkable, widely known, popular.Boy
NorrisA warden or custodian.Boy
NorrshantOne who is a chief and is protected by GodBoy
NorrylPerson from the north side.Boy
NortanNorth side human being.Boy
NorthOne of the main directions , north.Boy
NorthclifComing from north direction.Boy
NorthcliffResiding at northern part.Boy
NorthcliffeOne who dwells in the north face.Boy
NorthclyfOne who is staying at North part.Boy
NorthclyffNative from northern cliff.Boy
NorthclyffeLiving in north side.Boy
NorthmanOne person hailing from northern partBoy
NorthropOne who owns a farm in north part.Boy
NorthrupThe one who dwells in the north side farm house.Boy
NorthtunThe proprietor of the north farm house..Boy
NorthwodeWood from the northern forestsBoy
NortinThe farm house which is situated in the northern part.Boy
NortonThe one who found good to settle in north part.Boy
NortropA town or village in Northern partBoy
NortrupA village located in northern regionBoy
NorulThe bright light of somethingBoy
NorulhudaThe light of right guidanceBoy
NorunnThe guiding light troughBoy
NorvalLiving in the town which is situated in the northern part.Boy
NorvelStaying in the north face.Boy
NorvilleTown that is situated in the north range.Boy

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