52 Baby Boy Names That Start With Nu

NuaimThe person who is gentle and forgiving.Unisex
NubaidThe one who gives gladness.Boy
NuddThe one who resembles the precious gold.Boy
NufailGracious or gracious to the AlmightyBoy
NuguruThe king of the rulers, the Lord of the Lords.Boy
NuhFreedom from responsibilities and activities.Boy
NuhadThe bold and courageous young human.Boy
NuhaidThe one who is above the average in size.Boy
NuhaydAbove the average in quantity or magnitude or extent.Boy
NuhroHoly lightBoy
NuinThe highest part of the hillBoy
NukalaA restless soul who is in search of opportunitiesBoy
NukhAssyrian variant of Noah, meaning comfort.Boy
NukilikOne who is strongUnisex
NulpiWhite flower, as beautiful as white flower.Unisex
NumairPanther, a large spotted feline of tropical America similar to the leopard.Boy
NumanLife blood or body fluid.Boy
NumilekunoluwaClean my tears, Lord.Boy
NumoThe first one or the eldest one or the former one.Boy
NuncioThe one who brings good news and messages.Boy
NuniqNuniq is a form of Nanuq, a fictional name featured in the film "Nanook of the North". It means polar bear.Unisex
NunnaFrom the rock face which is situated in the northern part.Boy
NunoThe ninth grandfather; honouredBoy
NunzioThe person who brings messages to various destinations.Boy
NurSpark, nimble, blaze, dainty.Unisex
Nur al dinThe clarity of the trust or hope.Boy
NuraldinThe clearness of faith.Boy
NuraniThe one who was born on Christmas day.Boy
NurazThe precious things of Noor.Boy
NurdeenThe brightness of the belief.Boy
NureddinThe bright light of the faithBoy
NurfirdausThe shine from the highest heavens.Boy
NurhanPositive woman, dazzling rose.Boy
NuriConsuming fire or burning fire.Boy
NurielThe bright of Lord or the Fire of Lord.Boy
NurisMy bright, my nimble or my consuming fire.Unisex
NurismFire, or burning or consuming fire.Boy
NursultanLight princeBoy
NuruddinThe brightness of the belief.Boy
NurulqiblataynThe both lights of the Qibla.Boy
NusairThe bird which is targeted to be killed.Boy
NusayrOne of the narrators of Hadith.Boy
NushanthThe line at which the sky and earth appear to meet.Boy
NusrathThe God is Love and compassionate.Boy
NusratuddinThe one who supports the Islamic religion.Boy
NusretVictory or helpBoy
NuveshThe one who is excellent in skills and knowledge.Boy
NuwanThe person who is having the characteristic taste of sugar.Boy
NuzayhUncorrupted or cleanBoy

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