23 Baby Boy Names That Start With Oc

OccaA person who is categorized by his mother landBoy
OcchavSound; VoiceBoy
OceanSpell variant of Mohinder that means a fascinating king.Unisex
OceanusA South-Indian version of the Mohit that means charmed over Lord Krishna.Boy
OcelfaAn Arabic term to the one who revives the religion. The title of Sufi Saint Abdul Qadir Jilani.Boy
OcgaA grateful, authentic and outspoken personBoy
OchaarPronunciation; Sound; VoiceBoy
OcheckkaThe one who is intoxicated in infatuation or affection.Unisex
OchiengBorn in the daytime.Boy
OchsCombination of the Quranic names Mohammed "The Glorious" and Idrees "Trustworthy" or "Patient"Boy
OchukoHindu name of deity Lord Krishna.Boy
OcieChaste or a virtuous girl.Unisex
OcielHeaven, heavenlyBoy
OctaA person who does good deeds.Boy
OctaveGentleman, one who helps or aids others, humanitarianBoy
Octaviana person who is always on the right path or the one who is well-guided.Boy
OctavianoOne who is born eighth to a familyBoy
OctavienWho is eighth child, Emperor AugustusBoy
OctavioA French word that means "Me" oneself.Boy
OctaviousOne of the most dangerous creatureBoy
OctaviusAssistant or a helper. One who help others.Boy

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