53 Baby Boy Names That Start With Od

OdafeRich individualBoy
OdakaApple FlavourBoy
OdakotaThe white sea or a fair sea.Boy
OdaleThe Bitterness of sea, a rebellious one.Boy
OdalizA rich person, wealthy and prosperousBoy
OdallA Spanish Variant of Moses that means off the water or taken out of the water.Boy
OdalricA Yiddish variant of Moses that means Delivered or derived out of water.Boy
OdalysSpell variant of Moses that means someone came from the water.Boy
OdalyzA prosperous, wealthy and rich personBoy
OdamAn Arabic word that means one who gives respect or one who respects others.Boy
OdanOld Norse - Fury; Inspiration; To blow; Owner; Proprietor; A variant is OdinBoy
OdaniyaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OdaniyanSacred Light; Divine Light; Holy BrightnessBoy
OdardA wealthy guardian, a guardian who is richBoy
OdavwaroI am contentedUnisex
OdayleA Persian word that means "Eyelashes".Boy
OdbartOne who is wealthy and rich.Boy
OdbehrtOne who is always happy. Who make others happy.Boy
OddPersian variant of an Arabic that means one who is chosen.Boy
OdedThe fire of salvation within oneself.Boy
OdellThe one who is distressed or upsetUnisex
OdenThe dearest of human being.Boy
OdendhiOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
OdernA rich person who comes by the sea or AustraliaBoy
OdhavjiOne of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
OdiThe fourth manifestation of Lord Vishnu.Boy
OdieThe superman among human being.Boy
OdikaAnklet; A decorative jewelery worn in anklets by womenUnisex
OdikinyiOne who was born in the early morning.Boy
OdilThe man who is always on the right path.Boy
OdilioThe grandson.Boy
OdiloFrom the northern faceBoy
OdinDaffodil yellow flowersBoy
OdionThe yellow daffodil flowersBoy
OdisSleep or nap.Boy
OdisejTo hate or to be grieved.Boy
OdoPassionately oiled.Boy
OdoacerThe goddess person.Boy
OdolfPassionately dedicated.Boy
OdolffBold as a bear.Boy
OdomPleased or satisfied.Boy
OdonThe person of enduring fame, not subject to death, who is the personofication of a forceBoy
OdongoSecond of twins.Boy
OdourBorn after midnight.Boy
OdranThe person who is willing to use his properties jointly or in common, contribution, involvementBoy
OdunayoYear of happiness.Boy
OdwolfThe destiny, luck and a share of anything from the AlmightyBoy
OdwolfeA just or fair person, free from any favouritism, unbiased personBoy
OdwulfA Just lady, equitable, free from prejudice or any kind of favouritismBoy
OdysseusGentle wind of the reality, breeze of the fact.Boy
OdysseyWidely known and esteemedBoy

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