39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Og

OgaanWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OganWaves; United; Combined; Joined; Together; A variant is OganaBoy
OganaSomeone that provides access to get in or get out, the one who performs the act of entering.Boy
OgbamremuThe brave meets a lot of challengesBoy
OgdanThe person who is steadfast in allegiance or duty, the one who is open type and genuine.Boy
OgdenThe one who is succeeding with great difficulty, victorious triumph.Boy
OgdonFreshly brought into existence, newcomer to this worldBoy
OgechukwukanaThe time spent worshiping God is the best.Unisex
OgelsbyThe almighty God, who is always same yesterday, today and foreverBoy
OgelsvieA person who engaged in or experienced in warfare like NovelBoy
OgelsvyThe fresh nimble, constantly giving light and ever shineBoy
OgenUltimate and superlative mahamantra of jains, used in HindiBoy
OgerA person with the newest or freshest hair.Boy
OghaSee; Flood; Stream; Rapid Flow of WaterBoy
OghenebrumeGod decided in my favorUnisex
OghenechovweGod aided meUnisex
OghenefejiroGod is praiseworthyUnisex
OghenegarenGod is greatUnisex
OghenekevweGod gave meUnisex
OghenemeMy GodUnisex
OghenemineI look up to GodUnisex
OghenerioborueGreat novel Triumph, prove superior of the contestBoy
OghenerukevweGod did this for meUnisex
OghenerunoGod has done so muchUnisex
OghenetegaGod is worship worthyUnisex
OghenochukoGod provides my supportUnisex
OghomenaHere is my respectUnisex
OghonoroRespect is greater than moneyUnisex
OgilvyHis leniency and compassion shown towards offenders , disposition to be kind and forgivingUnisex
OgimaGod is Merciful, God is hearing and answering, also it means fresh as well.Unisex
OglesbyNot widely known, especially valued for its uncommonness, not widely distributedUnisex
OgnianVariant transcription of Ognyan, meaning fiery.Boy
OgnyanDerived from Bulgarian word ognen, meaning fiery.Boy
OgooluwaThe glory of God.Boy
OgrinsAn individualistic and happy beingBoy
OgtbishMongolian word meaning not at all.Unisex
OguhyrA new and bright individualBoy
OguzMeans most valuable, priceless, treasurable personBoy

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