20 Baby Boy Names That Start With Oh

OhaMeditation; True Knowledge; Wisdom; EnlightmentBoy
OhadMeans someone who shows the way by leading or advising others.Boy
OhannesA form of John, meaning God is gracious.Boy
OhanzeeMeans, the organ of sight, eye, good discernment.Boy
OhasPraise; Honour; Admire; CommendBoy
OhileshwarOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
OhioThe feeling of extreme pleasure and satisfaction of the eyes.Unisex
OhitThe brightness of the eyes, nimble of the eyesight.Boy
OhitikaAttractive and good-looking human.Boy
OhitlalThe girl who has gorgeous, stunning and fine looking eyes.Boy
OhiyoLovely eyes that induce magnetism, the one with expressive eyesUnisex
OhmPrimordial SoundBoy
OhonThe name is preserved.Boy
OhtaThis name has two meanings, one is the eyes of the Almighty God, other one is free from dirt or impuritiesUnisex
OhthereA true champion. One who is a champ or ahead of all.Boy
OhtliA person who is a champion. Also refereed to the son of Neil.Unisex
OhwahwaCold seasonBoy
OhwofasaA person's status should be defined by his achievementBoy
OhwonighoA person is greater than richesBoy

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