19 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ord

OrdA hammer or a pointBoy
OrdbehrtA sensitive, dedicated and honest beingBoy
OrdeThe blade point of the sharp sword.Boy
OrdellThe tiny table knife or bread-knife or bladeknife.Unisex
OrdgarResembling the sharp point of the javelin.Boy
OrdheahA high spirited and optimistic individualBoy
OrdlaA strong minded, affectionate individualBoy
OrdlafAn amusing and logical beingBoy
Ordlandfrom the peak of the mountain.Boy
OrdmaerOne of the head officials in Anglo-saxon society.Boy
OrdmanThe one who can handle the spear very well.Boy
OrdmundThe one who guards with a javelin.Boy
OrdovsA reasonable and observant individualBoy
OrdricAn aged or wise rulerBoy
OrdsoneThe born son of Ormond.Boy
OrdwaldThe one who is possessing the might like javelin.Boy
OrdwayThe one who is having the spear on his hands as mighty arm.Boy
OrdwinThe assistant who fights with a javelin.Boy
OrdwineThe one who is very close mate to spear.Boy

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