115 Baby Boy Names That Start With Os

OsafThe person who is expert in dancing.Boy
OsamaThe one who is bold and courageous like a lion.Boy
OsbaldA spiritual strength from godBoy
OsbaldoThe spiritual strength or regulation from God.Boy
OsbarnA God bear or a God warriorBoy
OsbartThe powerful and shining lights from God.Boy
OsbeohrtA powerful light of GodBoy
OsbeorhtThe shining light from the GodBoy
OsbeornThe bear like person.Boy
OsbernThe one who leads the war on behalf of most high God.Boy
OsbernusWho leads war on behalf of GodBoy
OsbertThe powerful and brightness of God.Boy
OsbertusThe power and bright light of GodBoy
OsbornThe warrior of God.Boy
OsborneThe warrior of God's army, the spiritual bear.Boy
OsbournThe spiritual fighter of God's army.Boy
OsbourneThe mercy of God.Boy
OsbryhtThe light from God that brightensBoy
OsburhThe lights of GodBoy
OsburnThe celestial combatant who fights on behalf of God.Boy
OsburneThe period of heartiest prosperity or productivity.Boy
OsburtThe bright of the lifetime.Boy
Oscaheavenly combatant who always battle for God's sake.Boy
OscarNoorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.Boy
Osceolaradiant and shining powerful nimble from God.Boy
OsconAn admirer of deerBoy
Oscytelholy spear, the person who really admires the animal deerBoy
OseberneThe light of God that shinesBoy
OsebertusThe brave soldier of godBoy
OsegodA noble landownerBoy
OsewoldThe brave fighter of GodBoy
OsfridThe bravest warrior of the GodBoy
OsfrithA god of the godsBoy
OsgarNooraniyah softly bright or radiant.Boy
OsgarusGod who rule the worldBoy
OsgoodHoly graceful, celestial nimble.Boy
OsgythThe beloved god of love and peaceBoy
OshanA little warmBoy
OsheaGlowing embers, house aglow with lights.Boy
OshernThe god of peace and loveBoy
OshinA Japanese name from a famous television seriesBoy
OshoThe shine of the earth, sparkle of the domainBoy
OsiasThe shine or spark or bright of the Prophet Mohammed.Boy
OsipGod shall add.Boy
OsirisGod of jungle and underworld; very majesticBoy
OskaOne who is an out-door lover and likes natureBoy
OskarOne with the fastness of a divine spearBoy
OskariA jumping and leaping warriorBoy
OslacA determined and curious individualBoy
OslafA free-detailed and sensitive personBoy

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