39 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ot

OtaA rich and famous person; large rice paddyBoy
OtakarHe who is watchful of wealth.Boy
OtarPasture, meadowBoy
OtaveA person who is born on the eighthBoy
OtekA variant of name Otto; detailed and independent; fortunateBoy
OtessAnother name for a settlement or a village; from PrestonBoy
OteyAnothe variant of Ottey; imaginativeBoy
OtgonbayarYoungest joyBoy
OthelloShakespearean name; a prosperous beingBoy
OthenioGive birth by night.Boy
OthiamboOne who was born in the evening.Boy
OthmanA brave person who is the chosen oneBoy
OthmannA wealthy person or fortunate human beingBoy
OthmarOne who has elements of wealth and fameBoy
OthoA name for a divine King who rules allBoy
OthomannOne who is born healthy and wealthyBoy
OthonA fortunate as well as wealthy personalityBoy
OtikA rich and wealthy individualBoy
OtilioA wealthy and fortunate person.Boy
OtisA wealthy person who is keen on hearingBoy
OtmarA famous, prosperous and wealthy personBoy
OtoAn individual who is rich and wealthyBoy
OtokarA variant of Otakar, meaning watchful of wealth.Boy
OtokarsA wealthy and rich individualBoy
OtomarsA person who has deep inner desire and is richBoy
OtsintoA person who is born of cosmic unit and GodBoy
OtsoA powerful and brave BearBoy
OttakoothanPoet; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
OttarA born fighter and is very powerfulBoy
OttavianuOttavianu is a variant of Octavianus and means eighth.Boy
OttavioBorn on Eighth; has a grasping personalityBoy
OtteOne who is a born aristrocratBoy
OttenIt means riches, gems and wealthBoy
OttewellThe prosperous son of OtewelBoy
OttisA rich, fortunate and passionate individualBoy
OttmarA wealthy and prosperous individualBoy
OttoA fortunate and wealthy person; the great oneBoy
OttolineA dynamic and restless person; they enjoy changeBoy
OtuelA person who is lucky in warBoy

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