2290 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter P

Baby Boy Names Starts With P

All these days, if you were under the impression that choosing a meaningful name would be enough, then you are wrong. If you wish to know how your son will turnout to be in the future, then you must have a thorough knowledge of the first letter of his name. Each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value, which reflects certain character tendencies and aptitudes of the bearer and the letter P is no different.

The letter P suggests spiritual people with a keen desire for attaining wisdom and knowledge. They have strong psychic abilities and use their natural senses to gain knowledge into the unseen, spiritual and metaphysical realms. At times, it may seem that these guys are not interested even a wee bit in what you’re doing or saying. But in reality, they’re excellent observers and do not miss even the minutest of details. In short, P people have all the abilities that can help them be a great teacher in any field.

But on the downside, P people can appear a bit flaky and selfish. That’s probably because of their aloofness and introvert nature.

Below is MomJunction's comprehensive list of baby boy names starting with the letter P, ranging from classics like Peyton, Paul, and Patrick to trendy ones like Pacen, Pablo, and Polk.

PalangA bed; one who is compassionateBoy
PalaniA town name after God KartikeyaBoy
PalaniappanA name of Lord Murugan; loves his devoteesBoy
PalanichamyA name of a God; they are individualisticBoy
PalanikumarThe loving and pleasing Lord MuruganBoy
PalanimuruganName of the mighty Lord MuruganBoy
PalanimuthuAnother name of Lord muruganBoy
PalanisamiA name of Lord muruan; compassionateBoy
PalanivelCreative and quick thinker; Lord MuruganBoy
PalashFlowering Tree; A fruitful personBoy
PalashkusumThe beautiful flower of PalashBoy
PalashranjanOne who is as beautiful as PalashBoy
PalbinderMoments spent with Lord; One who spends time in meditation and thinking about GodBoy
PaldenGlorious or splendourousBoy
PaleyOne with the pale eyesUnisex
PalikaOne who is small or tinyBoy
PalinProtecting; Guarding; One who protects; SaviorBoy
PalitaGuarded; Protected; One who is protectedBoy
PalkeshA joyous and wonderful human beingBoy
PällLittle or humble.Boy
PallA person who has a bitter natureUnisex
PallabNew leaves; A variant is Pallav; One who grows; Fresh and Young leavesBoy
PallabhaName of a renowned saintBoy
PallatonOne who has strength and is a fighterBoy
PallavYoung shoots and leaves; New LeavesBoy
PallavanOne who is born with a protecting natureBoy
PallmerOne who strong as the Palm treeBoy
PallocA person who is secretive and sensitiveBoy
PalmarA Palm tree of the holy landBoy
PalmerA Palm tree belonging to the holy treeBoy
PalmereA Palm tree which grows in holy landBoy
PalmiroOne who is like the Palm tree; pilgrim placeBoy
PalomidesThey are unchristened; they are having a desire for perfectionBoy
PalpandiOne who has friendly and good natured personalityBoy
PalpandianYoung shoots and leaves; New LeavesBoy
PaltanOne who belongs to the regimentBoy
PaltiOne who is liberated by the God; escapeBoy
PaltielCreated by GodBoy
PaltuA very sweet nameBoy
PalvinderMoments spent with Lord; One who spends time in meditation and thinking about GodBoy
PalvishA noble and courageous human beingBoy
PalwinderMoments spent with Lord; One who spends time in meditation and thinking about GodBoy
PalwinderjeetVictory of the Moments Spent with Lord; One who wins through meditating on GodBoy
PalwinderjotLight of Lord's Moments; Brightness and enlightment from moments spent thinking about GodBoy
PalwinderpalProtector of Lord's Moments; One who guards the moments spent with GodBoy
PambavasanAn individual who lives in PambaBoy
PamilekunayoOne who brings tears of joy.Boy
PamirPashto term for mountain rangeBoy
PampA person who is like a little rockBoy

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