2290 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter P

Baby Boy Names Starts With P

All these days, if you were under the impression that choosing a meaningful name would be enough, then you are wrong. If you wish to know how your son will turnout to be in the future, then you must have a thorough knowledge of the first letter of his name. Each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value, which reflects certain character tendencies and aptitudes of the bearer and the letter P is no different.

The letter P suggests spiritual people with a keen desire for attaining wisdom and knowledge. They have strong psychic abilities and use their natural senses to gain knowledge into the unseen, spiritual and metaphysical realms. At times, it may seem that these guys are not interested even a wee bit in what you’re doing or saying. But in reality, they’re excellent observers and do not miss even the minutest of details. In short, P people have all the abilities that can help them be a great teacher in any field.

But on the downside, P people can appear a bit flaky and selfish. That’s probably because of their aloofness and introvert nature.

Below is MomJunction's comprehensive list of baby boy names starting with the letter P, ranging from classics like Peyton, Paul, and Patrick to trendy ones like Pacen, Pablo, and Polk.

PanickOne with the true and clear sighted natureBoy
PanikaOne who is Shahid; the powerful handsUnisex
PanimanOne who does work with handsBoy
PanineA scholar who is a sanskrit grammarianBoy
PanirajA name for the King of CobraBoy
PanitA person who is admired and is always happyBoy
PanjabName of a state in Indian subcontinentBoy
PanjangMalay word, meaning long.Boy
PanjatramOne who is filled with enthusiasmBoy
PanjuOne who has a smooth natured personalityBoy
PanjumaniAn affectionate and interesting individualBoy
PanjwaniPerson who belongs to SindhBoy
PankajBorn from the mud, Lotus; Another name of Hindu God Brahma;Boy
PankajajaBorn from the mud, Lotus; Another name of Hindu God Brahma;Boy
PankajakshaA person who is born with Lotus eyesBoy
PankajalochanaLotus eyed person; Lord KrishnaBoy
PankajamA person who is like LotusBoy
PankajanOne who is born out of mud; LotusBoy
PankajanetraA Lotus eyed personBoy
PankajdeepLight of Lotus; Brilliance, Radiance and Glory of the LotusBoy
PankajeetEagle (Garuda); One who is Brilliant, radiant and bright and has won glory of LotusBoy
PankajpreetLove of Lotus; One who loves brilliance and radiance of LotusBoy
PankanabhLotus Flower; Another name of Hindu God BrahmaBoy
PankilThe mud combined with waterBoy
PankitA LineBoy
PanmoliOne who can speak sweetly; intense personBoy
Pann geshName of the king of CobrasBoy
Pann-geshKing of Serpents; Snake GodBoy
PannalalEmerald; Precious StoneBoy
PanneerHas a desire for success; like milkBoy
PanneerdossLotus; One of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
PannerOne who leads a happy and fulfilled lifeBoy
PanngeshKings of Serpants; very intenseBoy
PanosThey are the little piece of rockBoy
PanshuA name given to the majestic Lord ShivaBoy
PanshulOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
PantIt means hollow; the father of LancelotBoy
PanteleimonCompassionate and merciful individualBoy
PantelionA thrifty, logical and natty personBoy
PanthA road; strong like the roadBoy
PanthinOne who can show the wayBoy
PantniOne who developed sanskritBoy
PanutaGood example or one who leads by example.Boy
PanviName of Lord Shiva; majesticBoy
PanyalaOne who appreciates beautyBoy
PaolBretons form of Paul, which means small or humbleBoy
PaoloA small person; tiny individualBoy
PapaA name given to the father or popeBoy
PapaharaOne who is born to remove all obstaclesBoy

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