37 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pas

PašagaHigher rank official in the Ottoman EmpireBoy
PasakA companion; one who is the Knight of round tableBoy
PasamiliA happy go lucky; spontaneous and loving beingUnisex
PasangVenus or FridayBoy
PasaqOne who is in service of GodBoy
PascalA person with idealistic and sensitive natureBoy
PascaleOne who is born on passoverBoy
PascaliA form of Pascal, meaning born on Easter.Boy
PaschalOne who is born on the day of EasterBoy
PaschalisChild of Easter; Latin - Of Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of PacyBoy
PaschallIt is the variant of PascalBoy
PascoLatin - Of Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of PacyBoy
PascoalA variant of Pascal, meaning child of Easter.Boy
PascoePassover; one who is related to EasterBoy
PascowA variant of Pascal, meaning Easter.Boy
PascualLatin - Of Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of PacyBoy
PashahantaA person who is bond destroyerBoy
PashunathLord of animals, Lord of Bull; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
PashunathiA lover od animalsBoy
PashupatiLord of Bull, One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
PashwaName of a God; A Jain GodBoy
PasiName given to a kingUnisex
PasilioPasilio is a form of Basil and means royal or kingly.Boy
PaskalA variant of Pascal, meaning one born during Easter.Boy
PasohraA Sikh name meaning some one from Pishawar; Pishawar is a variant of PeshawarBoy
PasoonA person who is upright and always stands for defenseBoy
PasqualCatalan form of Spanish name Pascual; A Venetian variant of Italian name Pasquale; A name relating to Easter; Born on Passover dayBoy
PasqualeVariant of French name Pascal; Derived from the Latin Paschalis meaning relating to Easter; Born on Passover DayBoy
PasqualinoOne who has Saint like personalityBoy
PasquereAn active, self controlled individualBoy
PasramAnother name of Lord ParshuramBoy
PassaA person who loves harmony; little rockBoy
PasueriA silent and peaceful beingBoy
PasumalaiA name for Lord SuryaBoy
PasupatastraA name of destruction weaponBoy
PasupathiHe is the Lord of the animalsBoy
PasupatiOne who is the Lord of animalsBoy

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