57 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pat

PatA regal and noble individualBoy
PataakA surname for a smart and creative beingBoy
PatagThe Sun; Brilliant, Radiant and Shining Sun; FireBoy
PatakA topographic name meaning fiveBoy
Patakinname given to a creek or brookBoy
PatanjaliA combination of yoga sutrasBoy
PatanjauAn intuitive and compassionate human beingBoy
PatankarA general surname; one with a lot of knowledgeBoy
PataraOne who is trodden under footBoy
PatashA name for place, water and airBoy
PatashaOne who is generous and well behavedBoy
PatchA form of Peter; to fightBoy
PatdevHonourable Lord; Respectable God; Esteemed and Praiseworthy LordBoy
PatelA surname; one who is a leaderBoy
PathakSurname of BrahminsBoy
PathanaOne who is born to appreciate and to readUnisex
PathikTraveller; Explorer; Voyager; Wanderer; One who is not a constant and cannot be contained in a place;Boy
PathikaA quick minded and sensitive human beingBoy
PathikritOne who is the pioneer of knowledgeBoy
PathinTraveller; Explorer; Voyager; Wanderer; One who is not a constant and cannot be contained in a place;Boy
PathyA feeling of self reliance and has practical natureBoy
PatiA name given to master or lordBoy
PatikaOne with congenial and docile natureBoy
PatikritHas a considering and congenial natureBoy
PatinA variant of Paton; hill and streamBoy
PatitapavanaPurifier of the fallen; God; One who forgives our sins and delivers us from evilBoy
PatjithAlways Happy; Cheerful; Delighted; Joyful;Boy
PatmanHonorable man. It's derived from the elements 'pat' which means honor and 'man', which means self.Boy
PatojLotus; Born from water; Radiant and Brilliant like LotusBoy
PatonA royal and humble person; warrior's townBoy
PatrDefender; Fighter; Warrior; Guardian; SoldierBoy
PatraicAristocrat; name given to a saintBoy
PatralikaA new leaf; a new or fresh startBoy
PatriName of a noble patricianBoy
PatricName of a patron of IrelandBoy
PatriceA noble patrician being; clear sightedUnisex
PatricioName given to a patrician and a noblemanBoy
PatriciusDerived from a personal name of Petros; serious mindedBoy
PatrickA regal and noble natured individualBoy
PatrikA noble patrician; who is sensitiveBoy
PatrizioA kind hearted, sorted and noble beingBoy
PatrykOne who has a noble heartBoy
PatsuquaOne who is entitled to all happinessUnisex
PatsyA variant of Patty; regal and nobleUnisex
PattabiA person who is a nature loverBoy
PattabiramanLotus; Radiant and Brilliant like Lotus; One of many names of Lord Vishnu; A name for avatar of Lord RamaBoy
PattamahishiA beautiful and chief's wifeBoy
PattappaOne who has a eyes for finer details of lifeBoy

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