223 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pe

PerleyPearl; A name derived from the name PearlBoy
PernelThe one who is a little rockBoy
PernellA clear sighted and is like a little rockBoy
PernelleOld French - Little Peter; A variant transcription of the name ParnellBoy
PeroOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Pedro; A form of PeterBoy
PeronellOne who is individualisticBoy
PerramurthiA person who is spontaneous and happy go luckyBoy
PerrenOne who relies on the personal experienceBoy
PerrinOne who likes to travel; a rockBoy
PersOne who is born to honour godBoy
PersantA person who has a natural interest in welfareBoy
PerseusSon of Zeus who is born to destroyBoy
PershingA peach colored individual; a growerBoy
PersiaOne who cuts or dividesBoy
PersianA master who is like the shining SunUnisex
PersiannanFirst born; Eldest; A child first in order of birthBoy
PersidesOne who needs ambition, drive and energyBoy
PertelA tidy and excited human beingBoy
PertolepeA technical and expressive individualBoy
PerttiShort form of Roopertti; A variant form of Alpertti which is diminutive of Adalbert meaning Bright NobleBoy
PeruA rock; loves to lead and organizeBoy
PerukOne who is the King and likes to rescueBoy
PerumaanOne who is the born great KingBoy
PerumaganA Son who will bring honour; A son who will bring fame and name to familyBoy
PerumalName of the lord called Lord VenketeshwaraBoy
PerumalsamiOne who is the protector and has preserving natureBoy
PerumanName of Lord VenketeswaraBoy
PerumudiGreat King; Honourable and Renowned ruler;Boy
PerundhevanOne who makes new ideas; has imaginative mindBoy
PerunthagaiA person who is learned and determinedBoy
PervisLatin - Passage; Purveyor, Provider of supplies; A variant transcription of Purvis or PervezBoy
PerwiraHero or officer.Boy
PeryeOne who is from the Pear treeBoy
PerzoA person who wishes well for everyone, deservingBoy
PesachOne who is born to spreadBoy
PesachyaPesachya is derived from the word "petach" which means opening or doorBoy
PesalA charming and decorated individualBoy
PeshoraA promising and versatile personBoy
PestilentiaLatin name for 'pestilence', referencing to plague.Boy
PetOne who has a playful and loving natureBoy
PetarOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant of Pero; A form of PeterBoy
PeteThe one who is like a stoneBoy
PeterOne who is a rock and a stoneBoy
PetereyA free detailed and patient personBoy
PeterisSon of Peter.Boy
PeterkinForm of Peter; a rockBoy
PetersonName given to the son of peterBoy
PeteveA confident, excited and useful personBoy
PeteyName for a stone or a rockBoy

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