30 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pha

PhaedonasOld Greek - Bright; Shining; A variant of name Phaidros;Boy
PhaedronOld Greek - Bright; Shining; A variant of name Phaidros;Boy
PhaethonName given to the son of HeliosBoy
PhaetonSomeone with shining bright personalityBoy
PhagunName of a hindu monthBoy
PhaindraA powerful and divine snakeBoy
PhalakName given to the heavenly skyBoy
PhalakshTo have an eye on brow in IndiaBoy
PhalgumName of a hindu calender monthBoy
PhalgunName of a Hindu month; Snowy Season; Red, Reddish; One who was born under the star Falguni; One of many names of ArjunaBoy
PhaneendraKing of Serpents; Lord of Serpents;Boy
PhaneeshOne who is named after the king of servantsBoy
PhaniOne who has power of snakeBoy
PhanibhusanAnother name for Lord ShivaBoy
PhanibhushanOne who is named afer Lord ShivaBoy
PhaninathKing of Serpents; Lord of Serpents;Boy
PhanindraName given to Sheshnag; the divine snakeBoy
PhanindranathOne of many names of Lord Vishnu signifying him as Lord of Serpents;Boy
PhanirajA quick minded King of serpantsBoy
PhanishA cosmic serpant; very powerfulBoy
PhanishwarKing of Serpents; Lord of Serpents;Boy
PhaonName provided to the ferrymanBoy
PharaohOne who spoils; a great hose or a palaceBoy
PharianceOne who is filled with fun and is expressiveBoy
PharienA strong and responsible individualBoy
PharrellA superior and heroic manBoy
PharrisIrish - A heroic man; A variation of PharisBoy
PharveshName given to the God of celebrationBoy

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