127 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pi

PinakDivine Bow of Lord Shiva; In Hindu myth, the bow was gifted to King Janak by Sage Parashurama for being a great discipleBoy
PinakiOne who is the wielder of the bowBoy
PinakinOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as one with Pinak (Bow)Boy
PinakpaniThe bow that belongs to the Lord ShivaBoy
PinankThe name of Lord ShivaBoy
PinazA souvenir that belongs to the leaderBoy
PinchasThe mouth of the serpantBoy
PinchosA phrophecy or an oracleBoy
PinchuSmall; A Malayalam name used as nickname for calling little onesBoy
PinchusHebrew - Oracle; A variant form of the English name PhineasBoy
PincusA Judaism surname that means oracleBoy
PindaraReligious Medicant; Almsman; Religious beggar; A variant of name PindarBoy
PinelA man who is as tall as a pine tree, mostly used as a surnameBoy
PingOne who is peaceful and has a leveled mindUnisex
PingakshiA brown eyed BoyBoy
PingalA reputed sage; A variant is Pingala; Golden; Of yellow hue; Brajbhasa as used in Rajasthan during Mughal periodBoy
PingalakshaA Boy with pink eyesBoy
PingalanA Hindu baby Boy nameBoy
PingeshaA male name of Hindi originBoy
PinkalA mindless, oblivious personBoy
PinkeshThe serpant's mouthBoy
PinkiTo be like a rose, or to be pink in colorBoy
PinnaA pinnacle or a crestUnisex
PinnelAn English surname meaning little pine-treeUnisex
PinoYahweh will add another sonBoy
PintooA full stop or a pointBoy
PintuRocky; Sun; Bright and Brilliant; Mostly used as nicknameBoy
PinyeHe who is dark complexioned.Boy
PinynyakanA Hindi baby Boy nameBoy
PioA dutiful personBoy
PiotrOld Greek - Rock; Stone; A variant form of PeterBoy
PipalThe tree that is considered sacredBoy
PiperelA musican playing the pipeUnisex
PippenA person who is fatherly or a fatherBoy
PippinA Boy who inspires aweBoy
PippoHe loves horsesBoy
PipulA beautiful and special personBoy
PipyanaOne who cries a lotBoy
PirAn old, elderly leaderBoy
PirabakaranOne who is a good leaderBoy
PiraichudanA person who loves horsesBoy
PiraiyalanOne who rules the MoonBoy
PiranThe patron saint of minersBoy
PiresSon of Pedro, or son of the one who is like a stoneBoy
PirizziA Surname of Italian origin; A variant of Pirozzi; A form of Piero or PeterBoy
PirmohammedOne who is Holy prophetBoy
PirnavThe new begging, a start of something new in lifeBoy
PirojJewel; Precious; Also a surname in various culturesBoy
PirroOne with a flame-coloured hairUnisex

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