29 Baby Boy Names That Start With Poo

PoojanOne who worships, prays and is devotedBoy
PoojayRespected; Honoured; Esteemed; Cherished; Prized; Valued;Boy
PoojitA worshipped individualBoy
PoojithA honoured, worshiped and adored personBoy
PookyA petitte, sweet, cute personUnisex
PoolerAn old English surname, rarely usedBoy
PoonishLord of the Pious; Lord of the religious; Holy Lord; Sacred LordBoy
PooranComplete; Fulfilled; Whole; Content; Absolute; Satisfied;Boy
PooranbirPerfect and Brave; A complete warrior; An absolute defenderBoy
PooranjitVictory of the Perfect; Success of the contented; Triumph of the absoluteBoy
PooranjotLight of the Perfect; Radiance and Brilliance of the contented; Brightness of absoluteBoy
PooranpreetPerfect Love; Complete love; Contented Affection; Absolute happiness; Whole and completely satisfied lifeBoy
PoornachanderFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Beautiful like a full moonBoy
PoornachandraFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Beautiful like a full moonBoy
PoornamrutA person who is the sweetestBoy
PoornanandOne who bring complete joy and happinessBoy
PoornapragnaOne who knows everything; Comletely KnowledgeableBoy
PoornayuA person who is filled with, full of lifeBoy
PoorvA singing voice that is heart from the East when the sun risesBoy
PoorvajAn ancestro or an elder personBoy
PoorvanshHe who is like the SunBoy
PoorvashFull moon; Bright, Brilliant, Radiant and Beautiful like a full moonBoy
PoorveshHe who is like the EarthBoy
PoorvithOne who is a complete personBoy
PooshanA variant of Pushan; God of fertility; One who causes people to thriveBoy
PoovanGod of Flower; Wind or Purifier;Boy
PoovannanForest of Flower; Garden of FlowersBoy
PoovarasanA handsome person who is the King of flowersBoy
PoovendanA person with qualities of a leaderBoy

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