668 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pr

PraOne who is like a riverBoy
PraachethOne of many names of Valmiki one who was born out of a ant hillBoy
PraagvanshA name of Lord NishnuBoy
PraanBreath, or to take a breathBoy
PrabahuA master who is mightyBoy
PrabalA mighty, extremly strong personBoy
PrabalaOne who is resembling a coral;Boy
PrabhGod; Supreme Being; Almighty; LordBoy
PrabhaOne who has the name of GodBoy
PrabhaatamOne whose soul unites with God; Spirit of the Lord;Boy
PrabhadhaarLord's Support; Guidance of God; Solace in God; One who seeks comfort in GodBoy
PrabhakarThe Sun; Brilliant, Radiant and Shining Sun; God of FireBoy
PrabhakaraLight giver, one who gives lightBoy
PrabhalA strong, dominant, impressive personBoy
PrabhanOne who gives light, splendor and radianceBoy
PrabhanandA person who draws happiness and bliss from the GodBoy
PrabhanjanDust storm; Tempest; One of many names of Lord Hanuman signifying him as Son of WindBoy
PrabhankTo find glory in lifeBoy
PrabhanuOne who is bright like the brightest SunBoy
PrabhasSplendour; Lustrous; Brilliance; RadianceBoy
PrabhasaSplendour; Lustrous; Brilliance; Radiance; The Vasu who seized Vasishtha's divine cowBoy
PrabhashOne who is like the SunBoy
PrabhatDawn; Early Morning; Rising time of the SunBoy
PrabhathHe is like the morning light, like a dawnBoy
PrabhatiOne of the morningBoy
PrabhatkiranMorning Ray; Radiance of the rising sun; Brightness and Brilliance of the Morning SunBoy
PrabhavPower; Might; Strength; CourageBoy
PrabhavaAn origin or a source of thingsBoy
PrabhavanHaving Light; Luminous; Brightness; Brilliance; RadianceBoy
PrabhavanaThe Creator; Originator of the Luminance; Provider of Brightness and BrillianceBoy
PrabhaveA popular, beloved LordBoy
PrabhbirA brave, fearless warrior of GodBoy
PrabhbodhDivine Knowledge; Holy and Religious Brilliance; Sacred WisdomBoy
PrabhcharanOne who shelters himslef in the feet of GodBoy
PrabhcheetRemembering the Lord by heart; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God's thoughtsBoy
PrabhchetOne who is consumed in GodBoy
PrabhchetanOne who is aware of God; ; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God's thoughtsBoy
PrabhchitRemembering the Lord by heart; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God's thoughtsBoy
PrabhdasSlave of God; Servant of God; One who serves GodBoy
PrabhdayaOne for whom God is Merciful; One who recieves God's Grace; Kindness of GodBoy
PrabhdeepA person who is dear to GodBoy
PrabhdhanOne for whom God's love is wealth; Richness of God's Love; Prosperity of God's BlessingsBoy
PrabhdharamGod is the Religion; Lord is Divinity; Sacred teachings and principles of GodBoy
PrabhdheerSteadfast in God's Love; One who is immersed in God's LoveBoy
PrabhdheerajOne who is patient for God's love; One who awaits God's LoveBoy
PrabhdhianOne who contemplates on God; One who meditates on Lord; Immersed in God's thoughtsBoy
PrabhgeetSongs of God; Hymns of Lord; One who praises God through his songsBoy
PrabhgiaanDivine Knowledge; Holy and Religious Brilliance; Sacred WisdomBoy
PrabhjasLord's Praises; Tributes to Lord; God's Commendations;Boy
PrabhjeevanOne for whom remembrance of God is Life; Lord is Life; One who loves God dearly as lifeBoy

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