87 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pre

PreA very rare Indian nameUnisex
PreashOne who is loved by the GodBoy
PrebenFirst in battleBoy
PredeshA place, province, stateBoy
PredrikA form of Frederick, meaning peaceful ruler.Boy
PreedA joyful individualBoy
PreeranAn expressive and quick minded individualBoy
PreetamLover; Beloved; Dear most; Devotee; Dearly-loved; Adored; Treasured; SweetBoy
PreetambirBrave Beloved; A warrior who is dearly loved; Adored for courage and braveryBoy
PreetamjeetVictory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;Boy
PreeteshThe God of LoveBoy
PreethamLover; Beloved; Dear most; Devotee; Dearly-loved; Adored; Treasured; SweetBoy
PreetheshOne who is like the Lord of LoveBoy
PreethuA Boy that is viewed as a gift of GodBoy
PreetiduttGifted with love; Blessed with Love and affection; One who is dearly lovedBoy
PreetinderAborbed in God's Love; Immersed in God's love; Engrossed in God's loveBoy
PreetishThe Lord of LoveBoy
PreetiwardhanA love increasing personBoy
PreetkamalLove for the Lotus; One whose love is brilliant and radiant like the lotusBoy
PreetmohanAttractive and Lovable; Beautiful; Appealing; Good Looking; CharmingBoy
PreetmohinderA Lord that is attractive and lovelyBoy
PremOne who gives love and affection to othersBoy
PremabandhuFriend of Love; Loving Friend; One who loves friendship; One who likes companionshipBoy
PremadasaOne who serves loveBoy
PremadharA person filled with loveBoy
PremajOne who is brought to the world out of loveBoy
PremajitThe winner of loveBoy
PremalFull of Love; Affectionate; One who loves dearlyBoy
PremanA love that is supreme and divineBoy
PremanandJoy of love; Happiness of Love; Delighted in love; Cheerful in loveBoy
PremanandaThe joy that the love bringsBoy
PremanthOne who is a great loverBoy
PremarupaThe form of love; Having a loving nature; One who is loving and affectionateBoy
PrembansBelonging to the family of holy ones; One who loves dearlyBoy
PrembhagatLoving devotion to God; One who is an affectionate disciple of GodBoy
PrembirBrave in Love; Courageous and Mighty in Love; A defender of LoveBoy
PremendraGod of Love; One who loves dearly like the GodBoy
PremenduOne whose love is radiant and glowing like the full moonBoy
PremiA sweetheart, a loverBoy
PremislavTrick, stratagemBoy
PremjeevA being that is very much lovingBoy
PremjitThe Love's VictoryBoy
PremjyotiLamp of Love; Brightness, Brilliance, Radiance and Luminance of flame of LoveBoy
PremnathOne who is a sweetheartBoy
PremnivaasOne whose abode is God's love; One who seeks refuge in God's love and affectionBoy
PrempalA caretaker who is very loving and kindBoy
PremprakashLight of Love; Brightness, Brilliance, Radiance and Luminance of flame of LoveBoy
PremrajOne who is the ruler and a king of loveBoy
PremramanOne who is completly consumed in God's loveBoy
PremrangColoured in the love of God; Happy and glad in the love of GodBoy

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