92 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pri

PriadanA masculine name of English originBoy
PriamA very brave individual, the name of the King of the TroyBoy
PriamusA very courageous person, latinized version of the name Priam, the King of TroyBoy
PrianshThe son that is the most lovedBoy
PribhaktaA devotee that is the most lovedBoy
PribislavBroken glory.Boy
PriceOld Welsh - Son of the ardent one; A variant of the name PryceBoy
PridborFirst in battleBoy
PridonGeorgian form of Fereydoun, meaning third in PersianBoy
PridoniGeorgian form of Fereydoun It means third in PersianBoy
PrielThe God's fruitBoy
PrieshLord of Love; God of affection and compassion; Supreme LoveBoy
PriestleyOne who resides in the priest's meadowBoy
PriestlyA resident of the priest's meadowBoy
PrihaansLoveable Swan; A derivative name from the word Hans which means Swan in HindiBoy
PriidikEstonian form of Frederick. It means peaceful ruler.Boy
PriitShort form of Priidik. It means peaceful ruler.Boy
PrimalA primeval a primary personBoy
PriminThe first born.Boy
PrimitivoThe first oneBoy
PrimoLatin - First; First Born; A variant of the name PrimusBoy
PrimusHe who is the firstBoy
PrinaContent, Satisfied; Pleased; Happy; Feeling fullfilledBoy
PrinanA gratifying personBoy
PrinceRoyal Son; Heir to Throne; Royal Descendant; Offspring of the Royal familyBoy
PrincetonOne who comes from the princely townBoy
PrineetContent, Satisfied; Pleased; Happy; Feeling fullfilledBoy
PrinitA very pleased and gratified personBoy
PrinitaContent, Satisfied; Pleased; Happy; Feeling fullfilledBoy
PriorOne who is the head of the monasteryBoy
PriscoLatin - Old; Aged; Wise;Boy
PrishThe one that was God gifted. Also means the loving oneBoy
PrishitaOne that carries the name of GodUnisex
PritA feeling of loveBoy
PritamA darling, loved oneBoy
PritambirA beloved brave personBoy
PritamjitVictory of the Beloved; Triumph of the much Loved one; Treasured Success;Boy
PritamjotThe beloved one's lightBoy
PritampalProtector of the Beloved; Defender of the much loved ones; Guardian of LoveBoy
PriteshLord of Love; God of affection and compassion; Supreme LoveBoy
PrithamdeepLight of Love; Brightness, Brilliance, Radiance and Luminance of flame of LoveBoy
PrithipalProtector of Earth; Defender of Earth; Guardian of the WorldBoy
PrithishOne who is the Lord of the entire worldBoy
PrithivOne who is the piece of the earthBoy
PrithiviEarth; World; Universe;Boy
PrithpalOne who protects and guards the EarthBoy
PrithuSomething broad and spaciousBoy
PrithuharaOne who is the supreme destroyer of thingsBoy
PrithujayOne who is always a victor in lifeBoy

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