92 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pri

PrithutamThe largest, the biggest and the greatest oneBoy
PrithveeAn earth-loving personBoy
PrithviHe is like the earthBoy
PrithvijOne who was born of the EarhtBoy
PrithvijajThe ruler of the earthBoy
PrithvinderLord of the Earth; Supreme Being of the Earth; God of Earth; Supreme Lord of the UniverseBoy
PrithvirajKing of the earth; Supreme Lord of the Earth; Emperor of the World; Ruler of the WorldBoy
PrithyisTo be the Lord of the WorldBoy
PritishLord of Love; God of affection and compassion; Supreme LoveBoy
PritpalPledge Keeper; One who keeps up his promisesBoy
PritulHe who can't be compared to othersBoy
PritvirajThe King of the EarthBoy
PritwishThe best and the greatest love of allBoy
PrityA beautiful, lovable and affectionate BoyBoy
PrivrataSatarupa's sonBoy
PriyaaFavourite; Beloved; Dearmost; Much Loved; Adored; TreasuredBoy
PriyaankA darling husban, the one who is lovedBoy
PriyabrataA devoted pleaserBoy
PriyadarshanHandsome; Charming; Appealing; Attractive; Good Looking; BeautifulBoy
PriyadarshiA person that is liked by everyoneBoy
PriyadharshanHandsome; Charming; Appealing; Attractive; Good Looking; BeautifulBoy
PriyakA deeply loving personBoy
PriyakaLoving, Kind; Affectionate; Caring; Compassionate;Boy
PriyalLoving, Kind; Affectionate; Caring; Compassionate;Boy
PriyambadA person who is very sweet tonguedBoy
PriyanLoving, Kind; Affectionate; Caring; Compassionate;Boy
PriyaneshLord of Love; God of affection and compassion; Supreme LoveBoy
PriyangiLoving, Kind; Affectionate; Caring; Compassionate; One of many names of Goddess LakshmiBoy
PriyanguA flower with healing abilitiesBoy
PriyanjanA near and dear, loved oneBoy
PriyankSweetheart, darling, a loved oneBoy
PriyanshOne who is the lovable part of everythingBoy
PriyanshuOne who is beloved like the moonBoy
PriyanvadSweet talking person; One who speaks lovingly and affectionately;Boy
PriyaranjanA dearly beloved individualBoy
PriyatamA person who is someone's loverBoy
PriyatamaThe dearest husband and loverBoy
PriyatmaLover; Beloved; Dear most; Devotee; Dearly-loved; Adored; Treasured; SweetBoy
PriyatmanA loved husbandBoy
PriyavrataFond of Spiritual Vows; Pleasing Vows; One who keeps up his promises of loveBoy
PriyeshLoved by god; One who is blessed with the love, affection, kindness and compassion of GodBoy
PriyomAssamese version of Priyam, meaning beloved, or loved by all.Boy

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