229 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pu

PubbaHe is like the small rockBoy
PubliusLatin - Public ; Common; A hero who saved RomeBoy
PuckMischievous; A Shakespearean baby name; Name of a mischievous spirit in the English LegendBoy
PudaOne whi is like the little rockBoy
PudarjunanName of the Lord ShivaBoy
PudelSplash; engraving on the poolBoy
PudhumaiOne with an inovative and creative mindBoy
PugalTo have glory or fameBoy
PugalendhiAn admirable man who reached gloryBoy
PugalmaniA person who is grately admiredBoy
PugazhalOne who is famous among menBoy
PujakaWorshipper; One who is devoted to God; One who religiously followsBoy
PujanA worshiping religious ceremonyBoy
PujarOne who is the priestBoy
PujayitaWorshipper; One who is devoted to God; One who religiously followsBoy
PujeshA worshiped objectBoy
PujitTo be worshipped, honored, adoredBoy
PujyakotiA name of the holly animal, the Holy CowBoy
PukazhmaniHonourably; Respected; Renowned; Esteemed; Well regardedBoy
PukhrajTopaz; Precious Stone; TreasuredBoy
PukrajOne who is like a jewelBoy
PulA bean that destructsBoy
PulaThe Great;Boy
PulahaName of an ancient Indian Saint; A surname of Indian OriginBoy
PulakA Gem; Joy; Happiness; Smile; Ecstacy; RaptureBoy
PulakeshA joyous, happy, cheerful personBoy
PulakeshiThe Great Ruler; Name of an ancient Pallava KingBoy
PulamaiExpertise in Literature; Knowledgeable Person; Wise and well learned personBoy
PulastyaAn ancient manBoy
PulavanOne who is like a topazBoy
PulavartiA name that is given to baby Boys of Hindi originBoy
PuliOne who is like a tigerBoy
PuliandaA group of peopleBoy
PulikesiA name of the KingBoy
PulinBeautiful; Handsome; Charming; Good Looking; AppealingBoy
PulinaOne who is as beutiful as the sandy baks of the riverBoy
PulishThe name of the wise oneBoy
PuliyurA place name, a town in IndiaBoy
PulkeshaThe Great Ruler; Name of an ancient Pallava KingBoy
PulkitA thrilled, overjoyed individualBoy
PullocOne who likes harmony and peace; idealisticBoy
PultaA british baby Boy nameBoy
PumeetInnocent; Pure; Clean; Flawless; Sinless; FaultlessBoy
PumnadaA content, reserved and glorious personBoy
PunA play on wordsBoy
PunaA water springUnisex
PunachaA variant spelling is Poonacha; A Surname of Indian origin used in various culturesBoy
PunachadaiyanOne who is like the flower plantBoy

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