75 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pur

PurabEastern, oriental personBoy
PuradchiRevolution; Uprising; Upheaval; RebellionBoy
PurahanA complete personUnisex
PurajanaThe Embodiment of Life; Personification of Life; Incarnation of Life; Epithet of LifeBoy
PurajitName of the Lord ShivaBoy
PuranTo be a complete individualUnisex
PurandarName of both Lord Indra and Lord VishnuBoy
PurandaraAnother name of Vasudeva; Also has meaning as King of Mythology(Puran) signifying Lord IndraBoy
PurandharName of the Lord IndraBoy
PuranduA name derived from the Sanskrit word "Purandar" which means King of MythologyBoy
PurangianComplete Knowledge; Wisdom; BrillianceBoy
PuranjanHe who emodies the essence of the lifeBoy
PuranjanaThe Embodiment of Life; Personification of Life; Incarnation of Life; Epithet of LifeBoy
PuranjayAnother name of the Lord ShivaBoy
PuranjeetPerfect Victory; Perfect Triumph; Complete Success;Boy
PuranjotPerfect Light; Complete brightness; Brilliance and RadianceBoy
PuranpreetComplete Love; Perfect and kind LoveBoy
PuranpremComplete Love; Perfect and kind LoveBoy
PuransantPerfect Saint; Sage; One who has fully devoted his life to religious penanceBoy
PurantekComplete Support; Full guardianship; One who bears or holds up everythingBoy
PurariHe who is the enemy of the citiesBoy
PuravThe singing voice that comes from the eastBoy
PurayitaOne who fulfills the wishesBoy
PurbhjeetVictory with the God; Triumph or Success with the GodBoy
PurcellAn occupational name for a swineherfBoy
PurdanshaA hindi masculine nameBoy
PurdilA courageous, fearless personBoy
PurdviTo be like an earth, an earthly personBoy
PurdyRecluse; A nickname for someone who made frequent use of the oathBoy
PurenduOne who is like the full moonBoy
PurhaA variant of name Pura which means Complete; PureBoy
PurhutiName given to a powerful, religious beingBoy
PurishaHeavenly Ocean; Swamp or Jungle; Marshy regions of the Ganges and eastern SarayuBoy
PurishyaEpithet of Fire; A name derived from Purisha which means the heavenly oceanBoy
PurlA Boy who is like the pearlBoy
PurnaThe grain Goddess, or a person who is generous with the foodUnisex
PurnachandarOne who resembles the Full MoonBoy
PurnanadaA god-like individualBoy
PurnanandaHe who looks like a GodBoy
PurnataFullness; Complete; Whole;Boy
PurnavaBrightness, full lightBoy
PurnayanOne who is born full of his parents traitsBoy
PurnayuOne who is long livedBoy
PurnellAn old surname, meaning the rockBoy
PurnenduTo resamble a Full MoonBoy
PurochanaAn architect who built a wax place called SivamBoy
PurohitThe priest of the familyBoy
PurshottamThe best of the menBoy
PurtaA person who i mythicalBoy
PuruThe flowers' pollenBoy

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