50 Baby Boy Names That Start With Pus

PusaA flavor, taste, aromaBoy
PusanA wise, knowing sageBoy
PushaanName of a Vedic deity; The Sun; A cause to thrive; One who causes people to thriveBoy
PushanA caring, nourishing manBoy
PushkaA gun or a cannon; One who is a barrel of a rifled gun; helpfulBoy
PushkalAnother Lord Shiva's nameBoy
PushkalaAbundant; Full; Rich; Complete; Plentiful;Boy
PushkarA Boy who is like a lotus flowerBoy
PushkaraOne who is like the blue lotusBoy
PushkinAn Artilleryman, one good with the cannon and the gunBoy
PushmatahaFor one whom the season of spring will be ready; Born at the onset of spring seasonBoy
PushninderOne who is the flowers of GodBoy
PushpA flower-like manBoy
Pushp mitraOne who is an ancanet rulerBoy
Pushp-mitraAn ancient king or a rulerBoy
PushpabhavA flower's nectarBoy
PushpadA flower giverBoy
PushpahasOne thousand names of the Lord VinshuBoy
PushpajOne who is flower-bornBoy
PushpakTo posses the beauty of the flowerBoy
PushpakaThe Spring Season; Flower SeasonBoy
PushpakarThe season of Spring, springtimeBoy
PushpaketuOne who is like the Cupid, the Love GodBoy
PushpamA person who is lotus eyed, a flowerUnisex
PushpambhuA person sweet as a honey or a nectarBoy
PushpananOne whose face is like a flowerBoy
PushparajOne who is a King of the flowersBoy
PushparasOne sweet as a nectar, the sweetest oneBoy
PushparnThe stream of flowersBoy
PushpavanA name of the villageBoy
PushpavatThe Sun and the Moon. Also menas a flower-like personBoy
PushpenderThe Lord or the King of flowersBoy
PushpendraOne just as delicate as the flowerBoy
PushpenduOne who is the Lord of all flowersBoy
PushpeshOne who rules the flowersBoy
PushpinOne who owns a lot of flowers, who is rich in flowersBoy
PushpitTo bloom and to bear flowersBoy
PushpmitraA ruler of the ancient timesBoy
PushprajOne precious as the Topaz stoneBoy
PushpreetLove for Flowers; One who loves flowers and the season of flowers;Boy
PushpyaA blooming flowerUnisex
PushyaA Sanskrit name meaning Flower; Also name of Eighth Nakshatra in which Bharata brother of Lord Ram was bornBoy
PushyamitraOne who is the friend of the best personBoy
PushyaraagA person resembling the precious stone TopazBoy
PushyatiSoft like a flower; Gentle; BeautifulBoy
PuskarOne who is like a blue lotus flowerBoy
PuskinA name that originates from Russian surname Pushkin, meaning the cannonBoy
PuspabhusanA flower made ornamentBoy
PuspangA part of Flower; petal of flowersBoy
PussaA tipsy personBoy

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