1926 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter R

Baby Boy Names Starts With R

The power and value of a name have been immortalized in poetry, prose, and religious ceremony. But did you know that the first letter of a name can influence a person’s character? Yes, you read that right. The initial brings with itself characteristic traits that can impact the bearer significantly. Below we’ll tell you the hidden meaning of the letter R.

The letter R in alphabet represents wisdom, tolerance, and humanity. These people have a great strength of character as well as idealism, intuition, and compassion. They even have a great deal of warmth and affection for their friends and family.

The vibration of nine, the number associated with R, is of healer and educator. These people are benevolent, charitable, and have a sympathetic understanding of underprivileged people. So your child will work hard for the betterment of the society as a whole, not just himself.

On the downside, R boys are very short tempered. So you may have a tough time dealing with your boy’s tantrum. They even tend to become stressed and tensed while solving other’ problems.

Now it’s time to check out the names. Whether you’re a lover of Latin names such as Rafael or prefer traditional British names such as Richard, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

RabeesA powerful, dauntless personBoy
RabekGod is One; There is only one God for everyone; Radiant; SunBoy
RabenThe king of allBoy
RabhavSkilled; Glowing Rays of the Sun; Expert; PrudentBoy
RabhuSkillful; Prudent; Messenger; Incarnation of God; Used to refer Lord Rama or Lord KrishnaBoy
RabiA breeze, gentle windBoy
Rabi'A gentle breezeBoy
RabieA spring breezeBoy
RabihOne who makes a profitBoy
RabineshGod's petBoy
RabyA breeze in the springBoy
RaceAn English surname derived from the Old Welsh personal name Ris or Rhys meaning ardourBoy
RachadOne who has good judgementBoy
RachardShrewd counsellorBoy
RachaudOne with good senceBoy
RachidOne who is well guided by the faithBoy
RachitAn invention or something that is writtenBoy
RadEnglish name meaning redBoy
RadamesAn Egyptian name meaning heroBoy
RadbertA red haired counselorBoy
RadbodA leader of the conselBoy
RadbornOne who is from the red streamBoy
RadborneThe red streamBoy
RadbournBorn near the red streamBoy
RadbourneOne who lives by the red streamBoy
RadburnHe who lives near the red streamBoy
RadburneOne who is near the red streamBoy
RadburtThe red haired counselorBoy
RadbyrneHe who lives by the red streamBoy
RadcliffOne from the red cliffBoy
RadcliffeA place name meaning red cliffBoy
RadclyfHe who comes from a red cliffBoy
RadclyffeSurname meaning from the red cliffBoy
RaddAn advisorBoy
RaddhaA variant spelling of Radha; A cow Girl who was soul of Lord Krishna; ProsperityBoy
RaddhiA variant spelling of Radha; A cow Girl who was soul of Lord Krishna; ProsperityBoy
RaddieA consellorBoy
RaddiffeOne from the red cliffBoy
RaddyA cheerful personBoy
RadekOne who is happyBoy
RadeliffeOne from the red cliffBoy
RadellOne who gives advice, a counsellorBoy
RadenGod of thunderBoy
RadeyOne who gives good adviceBoy
RadferdFord with reedsBoy
RadfordA red fordBoy
RadfurdOne wrom the red fordBoy
Radha krishnaName of Goddes Radha and Lord KrishnaBoy

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