1926 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter R

Baby Boy Names Starts With R

The power and value of a name have been immortalized in poetry, prose, and religious ceremony. But did you know that the first letter of a name can influence a person’s character? Yes, you read that right. The initial brings with itself characteristic traits that can impact the bearer significantly. Below we’ll tell you the hidden meaning of the letter R.

The letter R in alphabet represents wisdom, tolerance, and humanity. These people have a great strength of character as well as idealism, intuition, and compassion. They even have a great deal of warmth and affection for their friends and family.

The vibration of nine, the number associated with R, is of healer and educator. These people are benevolent, charitable, and have a sympathetic understanding of underprivileged people. So your child will work hard for the betterment of the society as a whole, not just himself.

On the downside, R boys are very short tempered. So you may have a tough time dealing with your boy’s tantrum. They even tend to become stressed and tensed while solving other’ problems.

Now it’s time to check out the names. Whether you’re a lover of Latin names such as Rafael or prefer traditional British names such as Richard, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

RadhakOne who is free minded, abundantBoy
RadhakantaA beloved of RadhaBoy
RadhakrishnaOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his love for RadhaBoy
RadhanSatisfaction; A name derived from the name Radha which means prosperity in SanskritBoy
RadhatanayaRadha's sonBoy
RadhavallabhName of Lord Krishna, beloved of RadhaBoy
Radhe shyamName of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheeOne who is contentBoy
RadheshName of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheshyamName of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheyKarna; Son of RadhaBoy
RadheyaName of Radha's sonBoy
RadheyshyamA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadhiHe who is satisfiedBoy
RadhuOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his love for RadhaBoy
RadhwaanMuslim name meaning to find acceptenceBoy
RadhwanA delightBoy
RadiA happy, satisfied manBoy
RadimHappiness and peace.Boy
RadimirJoyful and peace.Boy
RaditeSun; Unpredictable and RadicalismBoy
RadjoeRhythm; One who is melodic and loves to singBoy
RadkoA happy manBoy
RadleaHe who comes from a red meadowBoy
RadleeA meadow of reedsBoy
RadleighA red meadowBoy
RadleyEnglish - From the Red Field; Red Wood Clearing; Red Wood MeadowBoy
RadlyOne from the red meadowBoy
RadmundA wise protectorBoy
RadnorEnglish - From the Red Shore; Raedanor is a variant form of RadnorBoy
RadolfA red wolfBoy
RadolphA wolf's shieldBoy
RadomHappy and peaceful BoyBoy
RadomilGraciously willingBoy
RadomirOne who is peacefulBoy
RadosHappy gloryBoy
RadoslavGlorious work or eager gloryBoy
RadoslawHe who loves peaceBoy
RaduThe happy oneBoy
RadulfusA shield wolfBoy
RadulphA wolf conselBoy
RadulphusA shield of the wolfBoy
RadusA strong counselorBoy
RadutRadut is a form of the Romanian Radu and means happy.Boy
RadutuA happy man.Boy
RadversEnglish surname, rarely used as a given nameBoy
RadwanA delightful personBoy
RaeGerman - Well advised protector; Rae is Diminutive Form Of Rachel Or RaymondBoy
RaebornA deer brookBoy
RaeborneFrom Scottish surname meaning stream of drinking waterBoy

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