1911 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter R

Baby Boy Names Starts With R

The power and value of a name have been immortalized in poetry, prose, and religious ceremony. But did you know that the first letter of a name can influence a person’s character? Yes, you read that right. The initial brings with itself characteristic traits that can impact the bearer significantly. Below we’ll tell you the hidden meaning of the letter R.

The letter R in alphabet represents wisdom, tolerance, and humanity. These people have a great strength of character as well as idealism, intuition, and compassion. They even have a great deal of warmth and affection for their friends and family.

The vibration of nine, the number associated with R, is of healer and educator. These people are benevolent, charitable, and have a sympathetic understanding of underprivileged people. So your child will work hard for the betterment of the society as a whole, not just himself.

On the downside, R boys are very short tempered. So you may have a tough time dealing with your boy’s tantrum. They even tend to become stressed and tensed while solving other’ problems.

Now it’s time to check out the names. Whether you’re a lover of Latin names such as Rafael or prefer traditional British names such as Richard, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

RaineGermanic - Mighty, Counsel; Advice; Slavic - Happy; A variant of name RainaBoy
RainenA joyous singerBoy
RainerGermanic - Counsel; Advice, Army, Warrior; A variant of name Rayner; Another form of ReinerBoy
RainesA mighty armyBoy
RaingerA gamekeeperBoy
RainhardOne who has a strong judgementBoy
RainhardtMighty and brave warriorBoy
RainholdA smart protectorBoy
RainiThe creatorBoy
RainierGermanic - Counsel; Advice, Army, Warrior; A variant of name Rayner;Boy
RainorGermanic - Powerful Army; Strong Counselor; A variant of name RaynerBoy
RainseyRays of the sunBoy
RaiqA serene and pure oneBoy
RaiquenAnother name for night bird.Boy
RaisA chief or a leaderBoy
RaisharA good judgementBoy
RaisuddinLeader of the religionBoy
RaisulThe first oneBoy
RaithSurname, means small fortressBoy
RaitisA sober manBoy
RaivatA son of RevatBoy
RaivataA ManuBoy
RaivathA wealthy manBoy
RajKing; Prince; Ruler; MonarchBoy
Raj kiranKing of the reys of the SunBoy
Raj kumarA princeBoy
Raj mohanA beautiful kingBoy
RajaKing; Prince; Ruler; MonarchBoy
RajaalkarimHope of the kindBoy
RajabSeventh month of the islamic calendarBoy
RajagA Malay title, rulerBoy
RajagopalName of Lord VishnuBoy
RajahA princeBoy
RajajiA kingBoy
RajakIlluminating; Brilliant; Radiant Prince; BrightBoy
RajakaRadiant Prince; Brilliant and Bright PrinceBoy
RajalIlluminating; Brilliant; Radiant; BrightBoy
RajanKing; Prince; Ruler; MonarchBoy
RajandeepA friend of the princessBoy
RajaneeshGod Of Night (Moon); Lord of night; Brilliant and Radiant MoonBoy
RajanikantMoon; One who likes night; Combination of Rajani meaning night and Kant means liked or desiredBoy
RajaramanKing RamBoy
RajarameshKing of the earthBoy
RajarshiA king's sageBoy
RajasA person passionate about lifeBoy
RajasekarName of Lord ShivaBoy
RajasekaranThe highest of the rulersBoy
RajasekharA crown on king's headBoy
RajasiFull of Passion; Worthy of a King; One of many names of Goddess DurgaUnisex
RajatSilver; In Sanskrit it means whitish, silver-coloured or brightness; A variant spelling is RajathBoy
RajataSovereignty; Derivative of name Rajat which in Sanskrit means whitish, silver-coloured or brightnessBoy
RajatanabhiHe who is ver y richBoy
RajathSilver; In Sanskrit it means whitish, silver-coloured or brightness; A variant spelling is RajatBoy
RajatshubhraAs white as silverBoy
RajaviBrave King; Mighty, Powerful and courageous KingBoy
RajbirBrave King; Mighty, Powerful and courageous KingBoy
RajdeepA royal lightBoy
RajdevGod's sovereignBoy
RajeebBlue lotus, One who rules all; Achiever; A varaint form of Rajeev or Rajiv which means striped in SanskritBoy
RajeelOne who walks a lotBoy
RajeeshA kingBoy
RajeetA never ending lightBoy
RajeevBlue lotus, One who rules all; Achiever; A varaint form of Rajeev or Rajiv which means striped in SanskritBoy
RajeevalochanaOne with beautiful Lotus eyes, One of many names of Lord RamaBoy
RajenThe best kingBoy
RajendarAn emperorBoy
RajenderLord of the kingsBoy
RajendraLord of Kings; Ruler of KingsBoy
Rajendra mohanThe kingBoy
RajendrakumarYoung King; Prince; Ruler; MonarchBoy
RajendramohanBeautiful King; Prince; Ruler; MonarchBoy
RajendranKing of the kingsBoy
RajeshLord of Kings; Ruler of KingsBoy
RajeshramIndian name for BoysBoy
RajeswaranName of Lord ShivaBoy
RajhansCelestial Swan; King of SwanBoy
RajiA name of the KingBoy
RajibAn almighty rulerBoy
RajihOne who is superiorBoy
RajikRadiant; Brilliant; Bright; Glorious; SunBoy
RajilRadiant like the Sun, lovingBoy
RajinMoonlight; Brilliantly illuminated by moon light; Radiant and Luminant MoonBoy
RajindarThe grat emperorBoy
RajinipatiDecorated; One who is appearing brilliant and radiant like the moon lightBoy
RajistHonest; Upright; One who is very principled and righteousBoy
RajitA brilliant decorationBoy
RajithAn object that gives light; An eternal source of light; A name referring to SunBoy
RajivBlue lotus, One who rules all; Achiever; Means striped in Sanskrit; One of many names of Lord RamaBoy
RajivaBlue lotusBoy
RajjunIndian name for BoysBoy
RajkumarA princeBoy
RajmundA wise protectorBoy
RajneeshKing of the GodsBoy
RajniNight; A variant of name Rajani which means queen in Sanskrit; Royal;Unisex
RajnishGod Of Night (Moon); Lord of night; Brilliant and Radiant MoonBoy
RajoabaIndian name meaning to make RajBoy
RajonSun; Gift of God; Brilliant and Bright Sun which is God's Gift to usBoy
RajpalProtector King; Defending and Guarding Ruler; One who fights and protects his Kingdom peopleBoy
RajrishiKing of sageBoy
RajuKing; Prince; Ruler; MonarchBoy

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