1926 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter R

Baby Boy Names Starts With R

The power and value of a name have been immortalized in poetry, prose, and religious ceremony. But did you know that the first letter of a name can influence a person’s character? Yes, you read that right. The initial brings with itself characteristic traits that can impact the bearer significantly. Below we’ll tell you the hidden meaning of the letter R.

The letter R in alphabet represents wisdom, tolerance, and humanity. These people have a great strength of character as well as idealism, intuition, and compassion. They even have a great deal of warmth and affection for their friends and family.

The vibration of nine, the number associated with R, is of healer and educator. These people are benevolent, charitable, and have a sympathetic understanding of underprivileged people. So your child will work hard for the betterment of the society as a whole, not just himself.

On the downside, R boys are very short tempered. So you may have a tough time dealing with your boy’s tantrum. They even tend to become stressed and tensed while solving other’ problems.

Now it’s time to check out the names. Whether you’re a lover of Latin names such as Rafael or prefer traditional British names such as Richard, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

RaebournRoe-deer brookBoy
RaeburnA Roebuck streamBoy
RaedPioneer; Explorer; Leader; Guide; Pathfinder; Chief CommanderBoy
RaedanoranOne from the red shoreBoy
RaedburneHe who lives by the red streamBoy
RaedclyfOne who lives near the red cliffBoy
RaedelA strong advice giverBoy
RaedemanA red haired horsemanBoy
RaedenThunder GodBoy
RaedfordOne from the red fordBoy
RaedfridA red peaceBoy
RaedlaOne who gives good adviceBoy
RaedleahOne from the red meadowBoy
RaedmundProtector of great fortuneBoy
RaedpathOne who lives near the red pathBoy
RaedwolfA red haired wolfBoy
RaedwulfA red wolfBoy
RaekwonOne who is gifted with wordsBoy
RaelSomeone who is as innocent as a lamb; A variant name is RaeleBoy
RaelanAn essenceBoy
RaemondA wise protectorBoy
RaemondoA mighty protectorBoy
RaeshadA good counselorBoy
RafaelGod has healedBoy
RafaelleVariation of Rapahel which means God has healedBoy
RafaelloItalian version of the name Rafael, means healed by GodBoy
RafalGod's healerBoy
RafanBeautiful, good-scentedUnisex
RafaqatA companion, a friendBoy
RafatOne who is kind and has sympathy toward othersBoy
RafayThe exaulterBoy
RafayelA variant of name Rafael which means God has healedBoy
RafazWays and pathsBoy
RafeShort from Rafael, means God has healedBoy
RafeeOne who is noble, sublimeBoy
RafeekAn allyBoy
RafeeqA kind personBoy
RaferIrish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A pet form of RaffertyBoy
RafeyA pioneerBoy
RaffA red wolfBoy
RaffaelGod has healedBoy
RaffaelloHeald by GodBoy
RaffaeloGod has healedBoy
RaffeShort for Rafael, means God has healedBoy
RaffeeAn exalting manBoy
RaffertyIrish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A variant name is RaferBoy
RaffiGod has healedBoy
RaffyOne that is held highBoy
RafiA friend and a companionBoy

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