78 Baby Boy Names That Start With Rad

RadEnglish name meaning redBoy
RadamesAn Egyptian name meaning heroBoy
RadbertA red haired counselorBoy
RadbodA leader of the conselBoy
RadbornOne who is from the red streamBoy
RadborneThe red streamBoy
RadbournBorn near the red streamBoy
RadbourneOne who lives by the red streamBoy
RadburnHe who lives near the red streamBoy
RadburneOne who is near the red streamBoy
RadburtThe red haired counselorBoy
RadbyrneHe who lives by the red streamBoy
RadcliffOne from the red cliffBoy
RadcliffeA place name meaning red cliffBoy
RadclyfHe who comes from a red cliffBoy
RadclyffeSurname meaning from the red cliffBoy
RaddAn advisorBoy
RaddhaA variant spelling of Radha; A cow Girl who was soul of Lord Krishna; ProsperityBoy
RaddhiA variant spelling of Radha; A cow Girl who was soul of Lord Krishna; ProsperityBoy
RaddieA consellorBoy
RaddiffeOne from the red cliffBoy
RaddyA cheerful personBoy
RadekOne who is happyBoy
RadeliffeOne from the red cliffBoy
RadellOne who gives advice, a counsellorBoy
RadenGod of thunderBoy
RadeyOne who gives good adviceBoy
RadferdFord with reedsBoy
RadfordA red fordBoy
RadfurdOne wrom the red fordBoy
Radha krishnaName of Goddes Radha and Lord KrishnaBoy
RadhakOne who is free minded, abundantBoy
RadhakantaA beloved of RadhaBoy
RadhakrishnaOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his love for RadhaBoy
RadhanSatisfaction; A name derived from the name Radha which means prosperity in SanskritBoy
RadhatanayaRadha's sonBoy
RadhavallabhName of Lord Krishna, beloved of RadhaBoy
Radhe shyamName of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheeOne who is contentBoy
RadheshName of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheshyamName of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheyKarna; Son of RadhaBoy
RadheyaName of Radha's sonBoy
RadheyshyamA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
RadhiHe who is satisfiedBoy
RadhuOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying his love for RadhaBoy
RadhwaanMuslim name meaning to find acceptenceBoy
RadhwanA delightBoy
RadiA happy, satisfied manBoy
RadimHappiness and peace.Boy
RadimirJoyful and peace.Boy
RaditeSun; Unpredictable and RadicalismBoy
RadjoeRhythm; One who is melodic and loves to singBoy
RadkoA happy manBoy
RadleaHe who comes from a red meadowBoy
RadleeA meadow of reedsBoy
RadleighA red meadowBoy
RadleyEnglish - From the Red Field; Red Wood Clearing; Red Wood MeadowBoy
RadlyOne from the red meadowBoy
RadmundA wise protectorBoy
RadnorEnglish - From the Red Shore; Raedanor is a variant form of RadnorBoy
RadolfA red wolfBoy
RadolphA wolf's shieldBoy
RadomHappy and peaceful BoyBoy
RadomilGraciously willingBoy
RadomirOne who is peacefulBoy
RadosHappy gloryBoy
RadoslavGlorious work or eager gloryBoy
RadoslawHe who loves peaceBoy
RaduThe happy oneBoy
RadulfusA shield wolfBoy
RadulphA wolf conselBoy
RadulphusA shield of the wolfBoy
RadusA strong counselorBoy
RadutRadut is a form of the Romanian Radu and means happy.Boy
RadutuA happy man.Boy
RadversEnglish surname, rarely used as a given nameBoy
RadwanA delightful personBoy

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