33 Baby Boy Names That Start With Rat

RatanA jewel; Precious Stone; Gem; Priceless; Invaluable;Boy
RatanbirThe brave warrior who wins warsBoy
RatanjaliA name of the very famous philosopher of YogaBoy
RatannabhaThe name of Lord VinshuBoy
RatanpreetA man who loves diamondsBoy
RatashThe King of menBoy
RatcliffeEnglish - From the Red Cliff; Red colored cliff; A variant form of the English RadcliffBoy
RateebOne who arranges, puts things in placeBoy
RateeshLord Of Rati, Husband Of Rati; Kamdev; Cupid; God of Nights;Boy
RateshThe lord of truth.Boy
RathanaPrecious stones, jewelsBoy
RathanakPrecious stones, jewelsBoy
RathboneEnglish - Reedy Brooks; River with reeds; A variant transcription of Rathbone is RathburnBoy
RathburnA very weak and small stream of waterBoy
RathiOne who enjoys the pleasures of this worldUnisex
RathinCelestial; One who moves the Chariot; Warrior who fights from a chariotBoy
RathoreA man known for his braveryBoy
RatiRest; Pleasure; Kamdev's Wife; Name of the wife of the Hindu god of love KamaBoy
RatibAn organizor, one who puts things in orderBoy
RatikA person who is joyous and satisfied in loveBoy
RatimirPeaceful war or battleBoy
RatinLove, Happiness; Jewel; A treasured PersonBoy
RatinderpalOne who always has a good advice to giveBoy
RatiqOne who brings people together, also another name of AllahBoy
RatishLord Of Love; Lord of Rati; Cupid; Name of KamdevBoy
RatnabhuOne of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
RatnagarbhaOne whose heart is brillinat as the jewel or a gemBoy
RatnakarAn ocean of the gemsBoy
RatnanidhiAnother of the names of Lord VishnuBoy
RatneshThe King of the jewelsBoy
RatnoA jewel-like personUnisex
RatujSon of Truth; Honest;Boy
RatulA seeker of the truthBoy

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