56 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ray

RayGermanic - Counsel; Mighty protection; Guards Wisely; Regal; Beam of Light; A variant of name RaymondBoy
RayaBulgarian - Heaven; A name similar to Rai; Flowing of a River; ZealBoy
RayanBrilliant; Bright and radiant; Heaven; A variant of name RayBoy
RayarWay of Heaven; Path to paradiseBoy
RaybornThe man who comes from the deer brookBoy
RaybourneOne from the roebruck's streamBoy
RayburnDeer brook; A habitational name from RaeburnBoy
RayburneA person who comes from the deer's streamBoy
RayceThe guarding, protective hands that keep you safeBoy
RaydellOne who behaves kinglyBoy
RaydenA modern name that was invented and hense has no special meaning behind itBoy
RayderOne who gives great advice, someone who was a bor counselorBoy
RaydonOne who was born to coulnselBoy
RayeesA wealthy, rich personBoy
RayfordCounselor; Habitational name for someone who lived by a ford on the Wray riverBoy
RayhaanA sweet smelling flower that isn't a rose, also something that brings confortBoy
Rayhaan sweetA plant that has a sweet smellBoy
RayhanOne who smells good, a fradranceBoy
RayhariA name used in Arabic and Urdu languagesBoy
RayhourneOne who comes from the deer streamBoy
RayhurnA person who is from the roe deer's creekBoy
RayinPerson who is a Little PrinceBoy
RayirthOne of many names of Lord BrahmaBoy
RaykoBulgarian variant of Radko. It means happy or willing.Boy
RaylanGermanic - Counselor; Mighty; Advisor; A variant of the name Raymond; A variant spelling is RaylonBoy
RaylandOne who is from the Island meadowBoy
RayleOne whose innocence is compared to a lambBoy
RaylenHe who was born to counsel peopleBoy
RaylonGermanic - Counselor; Mighty; Advisor; A variant of the name Raymond; A variant spelling is RaylanBoy
RaymanA protector who is very well advisedBoy
RaymentOne who counsels protectionBoy
RaymonOne who gurads smartlyBoy
RaymondOne who protects trough his good advicesBoy
RaymundOne who is a wise protector of menBoy
RaymundoA smart protector of peopleBoy
RaynThe heaven's gate's nameBoy
RaynaldA person who wisely advices the rulerBoy
RaynaldusOne who gives good advices to the rulerBoy
RaynardStrong Counselor; Powerful Advisor; Mighty and braveBoy
RayneOne who is strong in counselingBoy
RaynellOne who is a strong counselorBoy
RaynerAn army of advisorsBoy
RaynoBulgarian variant of Radko, meaning happy or willing.Boy
RaynorGermanic - Counsel; Mighty Army; Warrior from the Gods; A variant of name RaymondBoy
RaynordA very strong counselorBoy
RayselThe flower rose.Boy
RayshanYahweh is gracious and mercifulBoy
RayshardA righteous and brave rulerBoy
RayshawnA blend of names Ray, which means Grace and name Shawn that means Yahweh is graciousBoy
RayshodA righteous manBoy
RayshonHebrew - Yahweh is gracious; Yahweh is merciful; A variation of the name RayseanBoy
RaytonKing of Town; Ruler; MightyBoy
RayvonCombination of name Ray and Von, means the grace of hopeBoy
RayyanThe Paradise's gate for those who fasted often in their livesUnisex

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