260 Baby Boy Names That Start With Re

ReadA surname of English Origins; Descriptive of ruddy complexion or red hairBoy
ReadeA redheaded manBoy
ReadingOne who lives in a clearing by the woodland. Mostly used as a surnameBoy
ReadmanA counselor with red hairBoy
ReaganA descendant of the impulsive personBoy
ReagenFrom the name Regan, meaning the little kingBoy
ReamonnOne who is a well-advised guardianBoy
ReardenA little king who is a poetBoy
ReasonA word name, meaning a reasonable oneBoy
ReaveOne who works as a stewardBoy
ReavesThe steward's sonBoy
RebantaA son of Lord Surya; From the sun; Brilliant like the SunBoy
RebelEnglish - Rebellious; Defiant PersonBoy
RebinPath finderBoy
RedOne of red skin or red hairUnisex
RedaA man who was favoured by the LordUnisex
RedamannA counselor of red hairBoy
RedanOne with a loving heartBoy
RedbournA person from the place where the reeds growBoy
RedbourneOne who comes from the redds growing placeBoy
RedcliffOne who comes from the red cliffBoy
RedcliffeA person whose home is on the red sliffBoy
ReddOne who has a red hear or a ruddy complexionBoy
ReddingThe son of a redheaded manBoy
ReddyLeader; A surname representing a Community of dominant caste and prosperous people from the state of Andhra PradeshBoy
RedeemerOne who redeems for his sinsBoy
RedfersTo have red furBoy
RedfordOne who comes from the red ford. Mostly used as a surnameBoy
RedhaA man who is satisfied and content in the God's favorBoy
RedleaOne who is from the red fieldBoy
RedleighA person who is from the red fieldsBoy
RedleyRed fields are his homeBoy
RedlyOne whose home is in the red fieldsBoy
RedmanA man of red hair or skinBoy
RedmondWise Protector; Counselor; Mighty Advisor;Boy
RedmundA protector of red hairBoy
RedversAn old English surname from the medieval periodBoy
RedwaldOne who strongly counsels othersBoy
ReeOld Greek - To flow; River; Stream; Shore; River Bank; A form of name RevaBoy
ReeceA man full of enthusiasm, a fiery oneBoy
ReedA person who lives in the red clearing in the woodsBoy
ReedeOne who comes from the cleared lands, from the reedsBoy
ReedhA custom, a ritual, traditionBoy
ReedingA redhaired man's sonBoy
ReefA reef, or an underwater or partly submerged ledgeBoy
ReefordA place name of the medieval castleBoy
ReeganA little kingBoy
ReegenHe who is considered a little kingBoy
ReehabVastness or wideness.Boy

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