36 Baby Boy Names That Start With Rei

ReiafA male name of Urdu originBoy
ReichardGermanic - Powerful Ruler; Mighty Ruler; Daring power; A variant transcription of RichardBoy
ReidA red haired man or someone with a ruddy complexionBoy
ReidarA warrior who fights for his homeBoy
ReideA red man that comes from the cleared landBoy
ReidingA male child of the red-haired personBoy
ReignTo rule other peopleUnisex
ReihanVariant of Rejhan, meaning basil plant.Boy
ReijaOne who has wingsBoy
ReijiCourteous Child; A well mannered baby; Kind and well behavedBoy
ReijoAn alert and always watchful personBoy
ReikiA practice of healing the spiritUnisex
ReikoThe thankful childUnisex
ReilanA person who is from the Island fieldBoy
ReileyA brave, couragious beingUnisex
ReilleyA valiant, courageous maleBoy
ReillyA rey as in an edible grainBoy
ReilyA valiant manBoy
ReimoA man who gives advicesBoy
ReimondA ruler who recieved good adviceingBoy
ReimundoA right hand of the ruler, his advisorBoy
ReinTo counsel, to advice someoneBoy
ReinaldA wise advisor of the kingBoy
ReinaldoGermanic - Well-advised ruler; A variant of the name ReynoldBoy
ReinaldosA king's wise advisotBoy
ReinbaldA person who was active on councilBoy
ReinceA very rare first name, more used as a surname of German originBoy
ReinerGermanic - Counsel; Advice; Army; Warrior; A variant of RainerBoy
ReinhardGermanic - Mighty and Brave; Army; Warrior; Counsel; A variant of the name RaynerBoy
ReinhardtGermanic - Mighty and Brave; Army; Warrior; Counsel; A variant of the name RaynerBoy
ReinhartA brave and strong counsel, mostly used as a surnameBoy
ReinholdA powerful and well-counseled rulerBoy
ReinoA wise ruler of menBoy
ReinoldTo rule by someone's adviceBoy
ReinshawOne from the Raven's WoodBoy
ReinwaldAn advisor of the KingBoy

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