278 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ri

RifatA man who was born into high statusBoy
RiffatOne who has high status in society, a holder of superior rankUnisex
RifqaA person of gentle and kind personalityUnisex
RigbyA man who comes from ridge farmBoy
RigelArabic - Foot; Rygel is a variant of RigelBoy
RiggOne who lives near the rigde or a hillBoy
RigginAn English Surname of possible German OriginBoy
RiggsSon of a man who lives near the ridgeBoy
RigoFrom the Ridge; A variant transcription of RidgeBoy
RigobertoA ritch, bright and powerful personBoy
RigocatusA mighty, powerful and strong manBoy
RiguallaunThe most kingly among all menBoy
RigvedThe name of the VedaBoy
RigvedaAn ancient collection of Indian Vedic Sanskrit hymnsBoy
RigwareAn Irish baby Boy nameBoy
RihanA nice smell, fragnance, parfumeUnisex
RihardSlovene form of Richard, meaning 'powerful or hardy ruler'.Boy
RihardsLatvian form of Richard, meaning ruler.Boy
RihazAn Arabic name for baby BoyBoy
RihedlThe one who shows the way to othersBoy
RihitSound of LeavesBoy
RihoithilA man's nameBoy
RihonA creative and restless personBoy
RiichiA ruler of big powerBoy
RiithoKenyan term meaning an eye to see with.Boy
RijadDesert gardensBoy
RijuInnocent; Pure; Flawless; Sinless;Boy
RijulInnocent; Pure; Flawless; Sinless;Boy
RikOne who has hardy powerBoy
RikardGerman - Powerful Ruler; A variant of RichardBoy
RikárdóOne who's power is his braveryBoy
RikerA very ritch and wealthy manBoy
RikiA man of power and strenghtBoy
RikildOne who is powerful in battleBoy
RikinA hindi Boy name of unknown nameBoy
RikkardA very strong one who rules menBoy
RikkartBrave rulerBoy
RikkeA might and ritch rulerBoy
RikkertVariation of Richard, meaning a powerful ruler.Boy
RikkeyRiky is Estonian form of Rick and means powerful, strong ruler.Boy
RikkiOne who rules with a firm handBoy
RikkyOne who is a complete leader and rulerUnisex
RikmaiA servant of powerBoy
RiksRiks is a short form of Riky and means powerful and strong ruler.Boy
RikuGerman - Powerful Ruler; A variant of RichardBoy
RikutoA person of the landBoy
RikwardOne who guards the ruler and his powerBoy
RikyRiky is Estonian form of Rick. It means powerful, strong ruler.Boy
RileyA man who comes from the rye meadowBoy
RilieA courageous and brave individualUnisex

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