278 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ri

RilleyA man who lives near the field of ryeBoy
RilyA person who dwells in the rye fieldsUnisex
RilyeA man whose heart was filled with braveryBoy
RimboOne who is like a jungleBoy
RimiggiuSicilian form of Remy, meaning oarsman.Boy
RimmonA praised, exalted, elevated manBoy
RinA cold, severe and dignified personUnisex
RinaciA male british name that is very rareBoy
RinacusA very rare Boy nameBoy
RinafA person with a clam personalityBoy
RinaldoOne whose power is in his wisdomBoy
RinchenTreasure, jewel, gemBoy
RingA maker of the ringsBoy
RingerOne who gives counsel with his spearBoy
RingerusA person who makes ringsBoy
RingoOne who is like an appleBoy
RingwarA war of those who wear ringsBoy
RinkuA sweet natured personUnisex
RinnahA joyful, happy songBoy
RinoA short of all the names that end with RinoBoy
RinsheenaA male muslim nameBoy
RioOne who is like the riverBoy
RiobardGermanic - Bright famous one; Famously Famous; A variant of RobertBoy
RiocardGerman - Powerful Ruler; A variant of RichardBoy
RioidylA very old and rare English nameBoy
RionA name of the pagan giantBoy
RiordanOne who is a bard of royalBoy
RiotA word name, meaning a riot, a turmoil, an uprisingUnisex
RipOne who comes from the strip of land that is clearedBoy
RipalA compassionate and merciful loveUnisex
RipanThe first light of Sun that rises on the horizonBoy
RipkinAn Surname of German OriginBoy
RipleighTo shout the man's meadowBoy
RipleyWords that come from the mouth of him who shoutsBoy
RiplyOne who lives on the cleared strip of the landBoy
RipuOne who is considered as an enemyBoy
RipudamanOne who defeats his enemies; Name of Lord Ram's younger brother;Boy
RipunOne who is skillful in everythingBoy
RisA person who loves to spend time outdoorsBoy
RisayOne who is like a black roseBoy
RishSage; Saint; One who meditates on Lord's Name; Seeker of enlightmentBoy
RishaadOne who is on a right path in life, with a good judgmentBoy
RishaanSage; Saint; One who meditates on Lord's Name; Seeker of enlightmentBoy
RishabA person of superior moralityBoy
RishabhOne whose morality is superiorBoy
RishabhaA highly moral manBoy
RishabhdevRishabhdev is the variation of Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishabhkumarRishabhkumar is the alternative to Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishabhnathRishabhnath is the name of the 1st Jain Tirthankara. It means morality, superior.Boy
RishabhrajRishabhraj is derived from the name Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy

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