31 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ris

RisA person who loves to spend time outdoorsBoy
RisayOne who is like a black roseBoy
RishSage; Saint; One who meditates on Lord's Name; Seeker of enlightmentBoy
RishaadOne who is on a right path in life, with a good judgmentBoy
RishaanSage; Saint; One who meditates on Lord's Name; Seeker of enlightmentBoy
RishabA person of superior moralityBoy
RishabhOne whose morality is superiorBoy
RishabhaA highly moral manBoy
RishabhdevRishabhdev is the variation of Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishabhkumarRishabhkumar is the alternative to Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishabhnathRishabhnath is the name of the 1st Jain Tirthankara. It means morality, superior.Boy
RishabhrajRishabhraj is derived from the name Rishabhnath and means morality.Boy
RishadA person whose good judgment leads him on a right pathBoy
RishanOne who is a very good beingBoy
RishavThe sweetness of caring for someoneBoy
RishiA priest's nameBoy
RishikOne of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
RishikeshLord of the senses, One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
RishitOne who is the best in everythingBoy
RishleyOne who came from the very wild meadowBoy
RishonHebrew - First; Primary; Primitive; OriginBoy
RishvanjasName of Lord IndraBoy
RishyasringaSon of sage Vibhandaka, One born with the horns of a deer in Hindu-Buddhist mythologyBoy
RisleaOne who comes from the shruby meadowBoy
RisleeOne who lives in the brushwood's meadowBoy
RisleighHe who comes from the brushwood clearingBoy
RisleyOne who lives near the brushwood fieldBoy
RislyOne who comes from the field with shrubsBoy
RisteardA ruler with imense powerBoy
RistoOne who hears the ChristBoy
RistonHe came from the brusshwood farmBoy

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