314 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ro

RodolfoA notable and legendary wolfBoy
RodolphOne who is known as a famous wolfBoy
RodolphusA wolf of great fameBoy
RodricA man who is legendary for his good rulingBoy
RodrickA person who is notable for his ruleBoy
RodrigoOne who is acclaimed for his ruleBoy
RodriguezA son of an acclaimed rulerBoy
RodrikGermanic - Famous Ruler; Famous Leader; Famously Powerful; A variant of the name RoderickBoy
RodrykA man who is a legend for his powerBoy
RodwellA person whose home is by the spring near the roadBoy
RodyA legendary powerful manBoy
RoeHe who has red hairBoy
RoeeIn hebrew means "my Sheppard"Boy
RoelA stony person who is like a rockBoy
RoelandFamous landBoy
RoewynA red-haired BoyBoy
RoeyA reddish personBoy
RoganA reddish-haired manBoy
RogelioA legendary and famous soldierBoy
RogeneA person who has a legendary spearUnisex
RogerA legendary, famous warriorBoy
RogerioA person who is a legendary fighterBoy
RogersA holder of a renown spearBoy
RogueAn unpredictable and dishonest manBoy
RohaanOne who is as pure as a spiritBoy
RohailA traveller, a passangerBoy
RohakOne who risesBoy
RohanAn ascending, rising personBoy
RohanaA sandalwoodBoy
RohanlalA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
RohilRaising; Ascending Towards; Tall; Armored Battle MaidenBoy
RohinOne who is on the rising pathBoy
RohiniOne who is like the stars and the moonUnisex
RohiniramanThe Enchanted Lord Krishna; One of many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
RohinishMoon; Lord of the night; Lord of Rohini; One of the many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
RohitRed; The first rays of the Sun; Bright and Brilliant; CharmingBoy
RohitashwaThe first red lights of the sun when it rises in the morningBoy
RohitasvaA name of the sons of King HarishchandraBoy
RohithRed as the first rays of the SunBoy
RohnA sweet song of joyBoy
RohoA soul of the manBoy
RohtakSun; Brilliant; Raadiant and Bright SunBoy
RoiHe who is a KingBoy
RoickHe who is hard like a stoneBoy
RointanOne having a body of brass.Boy
RojeA person who is a guard, a sentinelBoy
RojelioLatin - Requested; Prayed for; A derivative of the Spanish and English RogelioBoy
RojyarWhere the sun risesBoy
RokRok is equivalent to the Italian name Rocco. It means 'rest'.Boy
RokoCroatian form of Rocco, meaning rest.Boy

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