314 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ro

RolandA legendary personBoy
RolandoHe who is the most famous and legendary of all menBoy
RoldanHe is a notable oneBoy
RoleyOne who comes from the legendary landsBoy
RolfHe is a legendary wolf among menBoy
RolfeGermanic - Famous Wolf; Legendary wolf; Wise and Strong; A variant of RalphBoy
RollaHe who is an owner of the legendary landsBoy
RollandOne famous for his legendary landsBoy
RolleA man who is notable for his landsBoy
RolliHe who is famous throughout the land.Boy
RollieA person who is famous for his landsBoy
RollinA wolfy legendary manBoy
RolloA notable, acclaimed wolfBoy
RolphA counsel of famous wolvesBoy
RolyAn owner of famous landssBoy
RomaLatin - Man from Rome; Roman;Boy
RomailA King founder of the city RomeBoy
RomainA Roman manBoy
RomanoA man who was born in RomeBoy
RomanosA person who is RomanBoy
RomanusHe who is from RomeBoy
RomanyHe who comes from a city of RomeBoy
RomareA person who is from RomeBoy
RomarioOne who is a pilgrim ro RomeBoy
RomeAn Italian city, an ancient city of RomeUnisex
RomeaoOne who comes from the ancient city of RomeBoy
RomejinLatin - Man from Rome; Roman;Boy
RomelloA Roman personBoy
RomeoA settler, a wayfarer to RomeBoy
RomilOne who is renowned in the landsUnisex
RomilaA heartfelt womanBoy
RominArrow Fish; An English Surname with Russian OriginBoy
RomirInteresting; Ambitious; Self Sufficient; A star brilliant like the SunBoy
RomitOne who is associated with the Goddess Lakshmi; Ambitious and BrilliantBoy
RomneyOld Welsh - Curving River; From the broad riverBoy
RomoloOne who founded RomeBoy
RomonA Boy whose home is RomeBoy
RomualdOne who rules fith fameBoy
RomualdoA glorious one who is a KingBoy
RomulusOne of the founders of RomeBoy
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean RosemaryUnisex
RonA mighty counseler and rulerBoy
RonakOne who is an ornamentBoy
RonalHe who rules by the counselBoy
RonaldOne who is famous for his legendary landsBoy
RonaldoOne who advises with great powerBoy
RonanTo make a promising oathBoy
RonaqOne who is luminous and freshBoy
RonavA person who is an embodiment of charm and graceBoy

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