314 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ro

RondellTo go around in circeBoy
RonecHe who is from royal and noble lineageBoy
RonelHebrew - Joy of the Lord; God's joyBoy
RonellTo rule people by adviseBoy
RonenA song that brings joyBoy
RoneyHebrew - My joy; Song of Joy; Germanic - Well advised Ruler; A variant of RonBoy
RongA person who brings honor and prosperUnisex
RongoPeace, peace loving peopleUnisex
RoniOne who singsBoy
RonilThe Joy of the GodBoy
RoninA little sealBoy
RonitLight; Interest; One who Gives Happiness; Radiant; Brilliant; Bright; Glorious; Light; Bestower of joyBoy
RonithA very charming young manBoy
RonliA joy and happiness of the LordBoy
RonnHe who will rule with his counselBoy
RonneeA mighty powerful conselorBoy
RonneyA glorious songs of joyBoy
RonnieA ruler-counselor of might and powerBoy
RonnyOne who owns the legendary landsUnisex
RonsherOne who is like a lion in the battleBoy
RonsonThe male child of the one who owns the famous landsBoy
RonyHebrew name meaning "My song is my joy"Boy
RoohHe who is full of spirit and soulBoy
RoohulaminA spirit of a reliable manBoy
RoohullahOne who is full of Allah's spiritBoy
RookHe who is like a ravenBoy
RooneyA Boy with red, ginger hairBoy
RoopLook, Appeal and Form; Good Looking; Blessed with BeautyBoy
RoopaLook, Appeal and Form; Good Looking; Blessed with BeautyBoy
RoopakOne who brings the signBoy
RoopeA bright fames personBoy
RoopeshA handsome Lord of beautyBoy
RooseA character from Game of Thrones, the Song of Ice and Fire. A variation of the name roos, meaning a roseBoy
RooseveltOne who comes from the rose fieldsBoy
RoozbahA very fortunate manBoy
RoparzhBretons form of Robert, meaning bright fameBoy
RopataA variant of Rapata. It means bright fame.Boy
RoperAn occupational name for a rope makerBoy
RopoCome to save.Boy
RoqueOne firm as a rock isBoy
RoretoAn Italian place name for BoysBoy
RoreyA Red King of menBoy
RoriHe who is a red kingBoy
RorikA man who is redBoy
RorimacA Red King of people. A made up name used by TolkienBoy
RoryA person who is a Red Ruler of peopleBoy
RosaireA rosary, a garden of rosesBoy
RosalioA man of rosesBoy
RosarioA young man of the rosaryBoy
RoscoA heathland of the deerBoy

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