146 Baby Boy Names That Start With Ru

RuOne who is like a scholarUnisex
RuaidhriThe Red King of the Irish peopleBoy
RuairíThe red-haired royal rulerBoy
RuairiA crimson-haired royal rulerBoy
RuanRaising; Ascending Towards; Tall; Armored Battle Maiden; Sandalwood; A variant of name is RohanBoy
RuaraiA royal ruler with red hairBoy
RuariAn Irish red-haired rulerUnisex
RuaridhA ruler of red hairBoy
RuathyA woman of red hair who is a ruler of peopleBoy
RubalRussian CurrencyBoy
RubelBehold the son of mineBoy
RubemTo look at my sonBoy
RubenHebrew meaning "Behold my son"Boy
RubensThe son of Ruben. Ruben means "behold my son"Boy
RubertOne who has the glorious lightBoy
RuboFair Haired; An English Surname from German OriginBoy
RuchiLight; Interest; One who Gives Happiness; Radiant; Brilliant; Bright; Glorious; Light; Bestower of joyBoy
RuchiparvHe who is filled with beauty.Boy
RuchirRadiant; Brilliant; Bright; Glorious; Light; Bestower of joyBoy
RuckEnglish - Resembling a Raven; A variant of RookBoy
RudigerA famous spear warriorBoy
RudoA feeling of loveUnisex
RudolfHe is legendary like a wolfBoy
RudolfoA wolf who is a legendBoy
RudolphA man who has the fame of the legendary wolfBoy
RudolphoOne who is known as a famous wolfBoy
RudrA terrible pne who brings fearBoy
RudraLord Shiva's consortUnisex
RudrabhiraviA terrible and frighting consortBoy
RudrakshOne with fierce eyesBoy
RudyOne who is like a famed wulfBoy
RudyardHe who has a red yardBoy
RuebenTo see your sonBoy
RuelA friendly personBoy
RuffA french red haired manBoy
RuffinA man of red hair and skinBoy
RufinA Boy of reddish, ginger hairBoy
RufinoA man who is of red hairBoy
RufusA red haired maleBoy
RugbyA man who comes from the raven's esateBoy
RugerFamous spearBoy
RuggeroA worrior with a famous spearBoy
RuggieroA famos fighter with a spearBoy
RuguruComes from the west.Boy
RuhabAn open-minded and generous BoyBoy
RuhanA spiritual and kind-hearted oneUnisex
RuhulhaqA truthful and kind personBoy

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