82 Baby Boy Names That Start With Sal

SalOne who is a saviorBoy
SalaahThe righteousness and goodness in a personBoy
SalaahddinnThe faith is fair and justBoy
SalaamTo feel safe and secureBoy
SalaamatTo have the soundness and integrity of the mindBoy
SalabahTo be a narrator of somethingBoy
SaladinThe fairness and justice of religionBoy
SalahA man who is send on the missionBoy
Salah al dinRighteousness of religionBoy
Salah udeenThe righteousness of the FaithBoy
Salah-ud-dinThe faith is righteousBoy
SalahaldinRighteousness of religionBoy
SalaheddinHonor of the faithBoy
SalahuddeenFaith is pure and righteousBoy
SalahuddinFaith is rightBoy
SalahudeanRighteousness of religionBoy
SalahudeenRighteousness of FaithBoy
SalajWater flowing from melted ice in mountainsBoy
SalalA salal berry plantUnisex
SalamA person who doesn't harm othersBoy
SalamaSafety and securityUnisex
SalamahPerson of inegrity and soundnessBoy
SalamatOne who has integrityBoy
SalamatullahSecurity of AllahBoy
SalamehA peaceful manBoy
SalamonOne who brings peaceBoy
SalarOne who is in commandBoy
SalarjungA leader in a warBoy
SalathaA variant of Salat; to saltBoy
SalatinoOne who fought bravely for their causeBoy
SalazarSurname, meaning old hallBoy
SaleehOne who is admirable and praiseworthyBoy
SaleelA son or a descendantBoy
SaleemOne who is at peaceBoy
SaleemullahThe soundest servant of AllahBoy
SaleemuzzamanOne who is the soundest servant of the timeBoy
SaleetAn intelligent personBoy
SalehHe who is righteousBoy
SalemMuslim name meaning secure and freeBoy
SalesiSalesi is the Tongan form of Charles. It means man.Boy
SalfordOne from the willow fordBoy
SalhdeneOne from the valley of the willowsBoy
SalhfordOne from the ford where the willows growBoy
SalhtunA place in the willowsBoy
SalibLebanese term for pointing out someone's error.Boy
SalibaAssyrian word meaning cross.Boy
SaliciduniA willow townBoy
SalicidunusOne who comes from a town of willowsBoy
SalifOne who is noble and ancientBoy
SaligidvniA person who loves freedom and likes to travelBoy

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