156 Baby Boy Names That Start With Sam

SamThe child of the Sun, a bright oneBoy
SamaahOne who pardons and forgivesUnisex
SamabashivA name for the Lord ShivaBoy
SamadOne of the 99 names of the God. An immortal oneBoy
SamadhanThe feeling of pure satisfactionBoy
SamaelName of the mythological archangel, it means Blindness of God or Venom of God or Poison of GodBoy
SamajA name of Lord IndraBoy
SamajasAnother name of Lord IndraBoy
SamakshTo be in front of something or someoneBoy
SamalyaA strand of material, garlandBoy
SamamaA person who is a campanion of the ProphetBoy
SamanA plece that is a homeBoy
SamangLucky or fortunateBoy
SamantTo feel whole, or universalBoy
SamantbhadraSamantbhadra is the name of a famous Jain Acharya from ancient India. It means to feel complete or whole.Boy
SamanyuA name of Lord ShivaBoy
SamarajitThe one who came from the war as victoriousBoy
SamarbirA man who is brave in the warBoy
SamardhA personf who is poferfulBoy
SamarendraThe Lord of the War, or the name of Lord VishnuBoy
SamarenduThe War LordBoy
SamareshThe Lord VishnuBoy
SamarjeetThe winner of the war, or a battleBoy
SamarjitThe victor of the warBoy
SamarpanTo dedicate something,or set is aside fot a special useBoy
SamarpitOne who is a tributeBoy
SamarthOne who has the powerBoy
SamarthiA powerful maleBoy
SamarthyaOne with the big strenghtBoy
SamarveeerHe is a King of the warBoy
SamarvirA person who is the hero of the war or battleBoy
SamavartAnother name of Lord VishnuBoy
SamawahThe one who has the highness of status and rankUnisex
SamayThe begining or a start of somethin newBoy
SambaSomething shinign and risingBoy
SambaranSomeone who is an acient kingBoy
SambathGreat wealth or fortuneBoy
SambhaA person or an object that shinesBoy
SambhavA source of the blissfulnessBoy
SambhavnathIt's the name of the 3rd Tirthankara. Sambhavnath means born or manifested.Boy
SambhddhaA person of great wisdomBoy
SambhuName of Lord SHivaBoy
SambitA man of great concsciousnessBoy
SambodhTo posess the complete knowledgeBoy
SambornThe brook that is sandyBoy
SambuHe who was attended by the Divine MotherBoy
SambuddhaA person who is wise, smartBoy
SamdaniA male name that is of Indian originBoy
SamdarshiName of Lord KrishnaBoy
SamedhA person of full strenghtBoy

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