149 Baby Boy Names That Start With San

SanaBrilliance; exceptional talent or intelligence towards thingsUnisex
SanaatanLasting or intended to last or to be permanentBoy
SanabhiCame from an Indian word meaning content. Related; associated with a person or a thingUnisex
SanadEvidence; confirmation or proof of something indicating it to be true or validBoy
SanadyOne who is a defender of men; powerful and braveBoy
SanagAn alluring mountainBoy
SanalPlace where offering of their sacrifice resides. Vigorous; healthy and full of energyBoy
SananiA creative man.Boy
SanasLiterally means laughing or smilingBoy
SanatLord Brahma the creator. Ancient; prehistoric, an old personBoy
SanatanEverlasting immortal lordBoy
SanatanaLord Shiva, one of the hindu trinityBoy
SanathAccompanied by or with a protectorBoy
SanaulEasy to mold, firm to touchBoy
SanaullahWorshiper of AllahBoy
SanavThe star around which the earth orbitsBoy
SanayOne that will last forever, a prayer or a praiseBoy
SanbornFrom sandy brookBoy
SanborneOne with natureBoy
SanbournFrom sandy streamBoy
SanbourneFrom a gritty brookBoy
SanburnFrom the stream with a gritty bedBoy
SanburneFrom the gritty streamBoy
SanchayMuster of person or things in a certain placeBoy
SancheBlessed oneUnisex
SanchezDedicated to a religious purposeBoy
SanchoTruthful and sincereBoy
SandbornFrom a arenaceous streamBoy
SandbourneFrom a gritty small riverBoy
SandeepA lighted lampBoy
SandeepanAn aromatic plantBoy
SandeepenLighting; brighten lifeBoy
SandeeponProfoundly wise manBoy
SanderA short form of AlexanderBoy
SandersSon of SanderBoy
SandersonProtector of manBoy
SandeshHolds the messageBoy
SandeyShining upon manBoy
SandfordA Crossing or intersectionBoy
SandfurdFrom the river crossing which is sandyBoy
SandhaniNatural satellite of the earthBoy
SandhathaLord vishnu, the giver and provider of thingsBoy
SandiDefends othersUnisex
SandipOne who is enlightenedBoy
SanditonFrom the sandy townBoy
SandonCame from the sandy hillBoy
SandorDiminutive of alexander, to defend or to help mankindBoy
SandrinoDefender of the peopleBoy

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