106 Baby Boy Names That Start With Sat

SatThe true or everlastingBoy
SatamanyuLord IndraBoy
SatanandLord vishnuBoy
SatanikaVirata's son whose bead was severed by Drona.Boy
SatatyaInfinite oneBoy
SatayuBrother of Amavasu and VivasuBoy
SatbachanThe one abiding by the holy wordBoy
SatbirA true warriorBoy
SatchetThe joyful oneBoy
SateendraLord of truthBoy
SateeshHe who rules hundredsBoy
SatejasHe who is full or strenghtBoy
SatenderName of Lord ShivaBoy
SateshRuler of hundredsBoy
SatgunOne of true meritsBoy
SatgurA true guideBoy
SathindarIndian name for BoysBoy
SathishHe who is kindBoy
SathvikName of Lord ShivaBoy
Sathya rajThe truthBoy
SatihA sunriseBoy
SatinathLord shivaBoy
SatinderHe who is protected by the true GodBoy
SatinderpalProtected by the true God of heavenBoy
SatindraLord shivaBoy
SatipaldyWe bought this oneBoy
SatishRuler of hundredsBoy
SatjeevanOne who lives a truthful lifeBoy
SatkarOne who respects honourBoy
SatkartName of Lord ShivaBoy
SatkartarLord vishnuBoy
SatkeeratPraise the one who is trueBoy
SatkiranRay of truthBoy
SatnamOne who accepts GodBoy
Satparvanthe one who is accepted by the GodBoy
SatpatiLord IndraBoy
SatpaulThe one who abides by the truthBoy
SatpreetOne who loves the truthBoy
SatrajitEver victoriousBoy
SatriaA warriorBoy
SatrughnaBrother of Lord RamaBoy
SatruijtSon of vatsaBoy
SatrujitOne who defeated his enemiesBoy
SatsukhTruly blissful oneBoy

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