148 Baby Boy Names That Start With So

SoadA lucky boyBoy
SobahA child of the morningBoy
SobanTo return to Allah, or to repent.Boy
SobeslavGlory for oneselfBoy
SobìslavAppropriate gloryBoy
SoccaA food name, a kind of a pancakeUnisex
SochaiTo achieve something by thinkingBoy
SochisthOne who is brilliant, one with a birlliant mindBoy
SocratesA name of a Greek philosopherBoy
SodhiTo be a firendly personBoy
SoeShe who dominatesUnisex
SoerenOne who is a good, stern warriorBoy
SofianeHe who speaks in a fast paceBoy
SohalA person who is delicate and softBoy
SohamI amBoy
SohanGood lookingBoy
SohaylOne with good looksBoy
SoheilTo be on the same level, to be evenBoy
SohelOne who is like the light of the MoonBoy
SohniA woman who is a true beautyBoy
SohrabOne who is a hero, a living legendBoy
SohumThe God's presence in every soul. A divine withinBoy
SokanathanLord shivaBoy
SokhaOne who is peaceful and content with his or her life.Unisex
SokhomSokhom is a variant of Sokhem and means hope.Boy
SokoroLucky oneBoy
SokunGood smelling.Boy
SolOne who brings peaceBoy
SolaceA feeling of comfort and peace, solace. An English word nameUnisex
SolamanTo feel at peaceBoy
SolanTo be full of wisdomBoy
SolanineThe poisonous substance in nightshade.Boy
SolarisOne who is of the SunUnisex
SolehA person who is deeply religiousBoy
SoleimanA man with a sober mindBoy
SollyA peaceful feelingBoy
SolomanOne who is peacefulBoy
SolonHe who is considered a wise oneBoy
SolwayOne who lives near the road that leads past a sealBoy
SomMoon, religious drinkBoy
SomadevLord of the moonBoy

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