48 Baby Boy Names That Start With Sp

SpadeA word name. One who has a spade, a tool.Unisex
SpakemanA man who speaks well and a lotBoy
SpaldingHe who is from the split meadowBoy
SpandanA sound of the heart beatBoy
SpanglerHe is a tinsmithBoy
SparkeOne who is gallant, who has good mannersBoy
SparksA vivacious, lively man. Used as a surname mostlyBoy
SparrowOne who is like a bird, like a sparrowUnisex
SpartacusHe who comes from the ancient Greek city of SpartaBoy
SpartakGeorgian form of Spartacus, which means 'from the city of Sparta'Boy
SpasDerived from Bulgarian word spasen, meaning saved.Boy
SpauldingOne whose home is in the devided valleyBoy
SpearSpear carrierBoy
SpeareA soldier who fought with a spearBoy
SpearmanA warrior who carries a spearBoy
SpearsSurname, means son of Spear, son of a man who fights with a spearBoy
SpedOne who achieves success in lifeBoy
SpeedA very fast manBoy
SpeerA guard who carries a spearBoy
SpeersA son of the guard with a spearBoy
SpeldingA man who comes from the devided meadowBoy
SpellmanA man who can spell - a clerc or a writerBoy
SpenceA short form of spencerBoy
SpencerDispenser of provisionsUnisex
SpenglerAn occupational name, one who is a tinsmithBoy
SpenseOne who proved for peopleBoy
SpenserA provider, a dispenserBoy
SpereHe who fights with a spearBoy
SperlingThe people who fought with spearsBoy
SpicerAn occupational surname, meanins one who is a seller of spicesBoy
SpiersA last name. Means the son of Spier, a son of one who fights with the spearBoy
SpikeEar of grain, long nailBoy
SpiridonSpiridon is a derivative of Spyridon and means spirit.Boy
SpiroOne who makes basketsBoy
SpragueA lively, alert personBoy
SpringerA man who jumps, leapsBoy
SprotA small man, an elfBoy
SproulAn active, energetic personBoy
SprouleA surname, means one who is small, an elfBoy
SprowAn old Anglo-Saxon name, meaning one who is an active personBoy
SprowleA person with a small stature, a short manBoy
SpurgeonA medical plant, used for healingBoy
SpurrierA person who makes spurs, a spur-makerBoy
SpyridonA big, round basketBoy
SpyrlingA little man who fights with a spearBoy

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