49 Baby Boy Names That Start With Sw

SwabOne who is true and does the right thingsBoy
SwabhiramHe who is very delightfulBoy
SwabhuSelf bornBoy
SwadhinIndependent and freeBoy
SwainHerdsman, knights attendantBoy
SwaineA Boyish person, young in spiritBoy
SwaleOne who comes from the wild riverBoy
SwaleyWinding streamBoy
SwaminathThe Lord almightyBoy
SwanOne who is like a swanUnisex
SwapnadeepThe king of dreams, dreamerBoy
SwapneshKing of dreamsBoy
SwapnilSeen in a dream, dreamyBoy
SwarajLiberty or freedomBoy
SwaranOne who has a golden heartBoy
SwaranjeetOne who is a golden winnerBoy
SwaranlalA dreamy personBoy
SwargaA heavenly personBoy
SwaritTowards heavenBoy
SwarnapurishwaraLord of the golden cityBoy
SwarnimThe golden shineBoy
SwatantarIn means independent and freeBoy
SwatrebandOne who has refined and deep natureBoy
SwayamOverall, somehting that covers everythingBoy
SwayneOne who keeps swans. Used as a surname mostlyBoy
SwayzeAn English surname that means "Swiss"Boy
SweeneyHe who is a little heroBoy
SwefredA swift, fast manBoy
SwenA young man, ladBoy
SweppiOne who comes from Swepi's settlement. A surnameBoy
SwetaketuAn ancient sageBoy
SwetankA man of fair bodyBoy
SweteloueA surname. Originaly a biptismal name of endearment meaning dear, sweet loveUnisex
SweteloveA surnname that means a sweet, dear loveUnisex
SwethanThe one who has learnt all vedasBoy
SweynA lad, a chap, a young manBoy
SwidhelmAn Anglo-Saxon name meaning a sweet manBoy
SwindelValley of the swine.Boy
SwintonOne who comes from the swine farmBoy
SwithunOne who is a strong cubBoy
SwrangA musical instrumentBoy

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