42 Baby Boy Names That Start With Tor

TorThe God of ThunderBoy
ToralfSupernatural powers of the thunder GodBoy
ToranA watchtower over the hillBoy
TorbenThe bear of the thunder GodBoy
TorbertThe glory of thor or glorious as ThorBoy
TorbjorgThe help or protection by the thunder GodBoy
TorbjornThe bear of ThorBoy
TordThe Thunder GodBoy
TordisThe God who controls the thunderBoy
ToreA God who is liable of thunderBoy
TorenA craggy hilltop used as a watchtowerBoy
TorfiThe turf, a layer of earth covered with grassBoy
TorgnyThe noise of the Thunder GodBoy
TorhildThe battle of thunder godBoy
TorhtsigeThe victory of thunder GodBoy
TorianThe chief, or the head, leaderBoy
ToribioBestowed in honour of SaintsBoy
TorildThe battle or war or ThorUnisex
TorillThunder God's battleUnisex
TorinA chief from the craggy hillsBoy
TorjusThe arrow or shaft or ThorBoy
TorkelThor's cauldron.Boy
TorleyThe meadow or thunder GodBoy
TormondThe courage of thunder GodBoy
TormundThe mind or thunder GodBoy
TorngarsukName of a powerful sky god.Boy
TornikeGeorgian form of Τορνικιος Iy means grandchildBoy
ToroldThe rule of thunder GodBoy
TorphinA male descendant of ThorBoy
TorquilA large pot or kettle of thunder GodBoy
TorrenceOne from the craggy hilltopBoy
TorresA habitational name of a person belongs from the city of towersBoy
TorstenThe stone of the thunder GodBoy
TortgithAn occupational name for the one who bakes tartsBoy
TortgythOne who is able to bake tartsBoy
TorthredThe red haired baker or tartBoy
ToruA vast and huge sea of waterUnisex
TorvaldThe power of thunder GodBoy
ToryalA promising sword fighterBoy
TorynThe chief or head or a leaderBoy

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