36 Baby Boy Names That Start With Tra

TracenOne who belong to the ThraciusBoy
TraciThracius' placeUnisex
TradelmansOne who goes to other country for tradesBoy
TraeA form of treyBoy
TrahaearnSomething very much like ironBoy
TrahernAs strong as the iron, incredibly strongBoy
TraiA form of treyBoy
TraianThe warrior, brave warrior, A Roman emperorBoy
TraianuA form of Traianus. It was the name of Roman emperor.Boy
TrailokvaThe three worldsBoy
TraisThe numeric ThreeUnisex
TraitonA town or settlement near the treesBoy
TrajanThe most capable man to led the empireBoy
TrallonusThe male servant or surferBoy
TramA beam or shaft, or a burrowBoy
TramaineA person who is from a large townBoy
TrambakeshwarThe God with three eyes or God of thee lokas; Lord ShivaBoy
TranterA hawker with the horse cartBoy
TrapperOne who traps the birds, a trapperBoy
TraugottThe trust of God, of the trust on GodBoy
TraustiOne who is dependable.Boy
TravaFresh grassesUnisex
TravaraA person from the fair townBoy
TraveonA town of fair peopleBoy
TraverOne who is from the crossingsBoy
TraversThe passing trough somethingBoy
TravionA town that is fairBoy
TravisTo cross overUnisex
TravonFair townUnisex
TraygerOne who carries, a peddler or a porterBoy
TraynorA man with strong arms, one who trainsBoy
TraytonTown full of treesBoy
TrayvonA small or little person as strong as ironBoy
TrazanaA white skinned personBoy

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