55 Baby Boy Names That Start With Tri

TriA form of treyBoy
TriageThe picking or sorting of injured peopleBoy
TriambakLord shivaBoy
TribhawanOne who has the knowledge of three worldsBoy
TribhuvanThe tree worlds.Boy
TribhuvanWith knowledge of 3 worldsBoy
TribikramThe Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.Boy
TriciaA patricianUnisex
TridevHindu trinity, bramha, vishnu and maheshBoy
TridhamanThe holy trinityBoy
TridhatriLord ganeshBoy
TrieuA tide or a small waveUnisex
TrigA trustworthy or a safe person, a true personBoy
TrigunThe three dimensionsBoy
TrigyaLord buddhaBoy
TrijalLord shivaBoy
TrikayLord buddhaBoy
TrilochanThree eyedBoy
TrilokThree worldsBoy
TrilokanathLord shivaBoy
TrilokchandMoon of the three worldsBoy
TrilokeshLord shivaBoy
TrimaanWorshipped in three worldsBoy
TrimurtiThe holy trinityBoy
TrinabhLord vishnuBoy
TrinathLord shivtripur three citiesBoy
TrinayanLord shivaBoy
TrineshLord Shiva with three eyesBoy
TrinianA Gaelic variant of Saint Ninian from ScottishBoy
TripA traveller. One who is on a travelBoy
TrippA travelerBoy
TripperA traveller, always travellingBoy
Tripptonthe town of a travellerBoy
TripurThe combination of three town or citiesBoy
TripuraThat comprises three cities or townsBoy
TripurajitLord shivaBoy
TripurariName of lord shivaBoy
TrisanuThe ancient king from Hindu mythologyBoy
TrishA noble person, A patron Saint or NaplesBoy
TrishankuAn ancient kingBoy
TrisharPearl necklaceBoy
TrishulLord shiva's tridentBoy
TrishulankLord shivaBoy
TrishulinLord shivaBoy
TristanNoise or SorrowfulUnisex
TristaoA variant of Tristan, meaning tumult or outcry.Boy
TristenDerived from Tristis which means SadBoy
TristramTo make noise or to clatterBoy
TritonThe God of the seas, son of PoseidonBoy
TrivikramAn epithet of vishnuBoy

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