30 Baby Boy Names That Start With Tru

TruemanA person who is honest and trust worthy.Boy
TruenOne who is the loyal oneBoy
TruesdaleRefers to a person who is very honest form a dell.Boy
TruesdellWho comes form a farm that is very close to someone.Boy
TruettAn organized and loving individualBoy
TruitestallA person who always visits his dear one's farmBoy
TruittWho is small in appearance but loyal.Boy
TrulsResembles as the arrow of Thor.Boy
TrumaineOne who has a great influence on manyBoy
TrumanFaithful manUnisex
TrumaneA trustworthy and faithful manBoy
TrumannA truthful and good natured personBoy
TrumbaldA firm and strong man.Boy
TrumballThe person who is sturdy and powerful.Boy
TrumbehrtA bold and confident individualBoy
TrumbellMightyful or full of strength.Boy
TrumbleWho is full of goods.Boy
TrumbullThe one who is having great power.Boy
TrumenA man who tells the truthBoy
TrumhallPossessing huge power.Boy
TrumhereA focused and desirable personBoy
TrumpOccupational name of a trumpeterBoy
TrumpaA practical, focused individualBoy
TrumwinA spontaneous individual who enjoys lifeBoy
TrumwineResponsible and mature personBoy
TruongRefers to college or meadow.Boy
TrupalOne with an active, agile and fun loving personality.Boy
TrusdaleThe estate of an trustworthy person.Boy
TrustinThe one who is honest and dependable.Boy

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